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    Low-cost "goose egg" consumption warning

    • Last Update: 2020-12-28
    • Source: Internet
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      Recently, the market looks like a goose egg "big eggs", "big goose eggs" in many supermarkets, shopping malls continue to sell, because of the cheap by consumers.
    normal goose egg market price is generally about 5 yuan, and this barrel of pickled "goose eggs", but only 18 yuan or less price can be bought.
    "goose eggs" with such low prices, consumers need to choose carefully when buying.
    Previously, the province has reported that "duck eggs posing as goose eggs" sales of events, Shandong Province bird experts, Qilu Normal College Professor Ma Jinsheng identified this egg is cherry valley duck eggs, geese and ducks are not the same, can not be called "goose eggs" sales, this thing to buy to eat is able.
    Binzhou City Market Supervision Bureau reminded consumers to consume rationally, carefully identify, carefully choose, to avoid being deceived by misleading.
    , the formal channels to buy, light light careful observation of consumers in the purchase of goose eggs, eggs, should choose the quality and safety of the regular manufacturers of products.
    carefully observe whether the packaging is complete and the appearance of the goose eggs is uniform before purchasing.
    if found that goose eggs have obvious color dark, gray, packaging has debris and other conditions do not buy.
    , label information connotation, read after good choice to face the full range of goose eggs, eggs, understand the packaging of the label information is particularly important.
    note the following two points: First, look closely at the label information.
    on the goose egg packaging, there should be a clear printed factory name, site, production date and shelf life and other complete content.
    is to check the shelf life and storage conditions.
    The edible period of this product is calculated according to the date of production and shelf life on the outer packaging label to ensure that the purchase of goose eggs does not exceed the shelf life;
    , measured, rational consumption in the business of various fancy activities to stimulate, consumers are prone to impulse consumption.
    many consumers often see low prices to buy more than the actual demand for use of products, resulting in the expiration of all finished.
    price, shopping, etc. but spent a lot of energy and time.
    Consumers must be rational shopping, do not over-stock, any goods have a shelf life, once too much hoarding easy to over-shelf life and cause unnecessary waste, both lost money and lost time and energy.
    , encountering disputes and infringements The courage to legally defend the rights of consumers easy to encounter the price fraud of merchants, commitments not to fulfill, there are quality problems and so on.
    consumer disputes, consumers often face the problem of defending their rights.
    to encounter consumer disputes rational rights.
    such as invoices are important vouchers for consumers to defend their rights in accordance with the law after consumers and merchants have a consumer dispute, reminding consumers to pay attention to retaining valid shopping vouchers such as shopping invoices and small tickets.
    consumers in the event of a consumer dispute, in consultation with the seller can not be resolved, you can directly call 12345 (12315) to complain.
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