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    Low-cost monitoring trees that help air quality have new uses

    • Last Update: 2022-06-19
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      【Hot attention of Chemical Machinery Equipment Network ] With the continuous acceleration of China’s urbanization and industrialization, the energy consumption of all walks of life has increased rapidly, and the resulting air pollution problems have become increasingly significant, which not only seriously harms us Living in the natural environment, but also threatening the physical and mental health of human beings, how to effectively prevent and control air pollution, win the battle against the blue sky and achieve sustainable economic development has become the focus of China's environmental pollution control work.

    Hot attention of Chemical Machinery Equipment NetworkChemical machinery and equipment
      As a large industrial country, the combustion and emission of fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum in the industrial production field are the main causes of air pollution in my country, followed by gaseous pollutants produced by automobile exhaust and domestic coal.
    It is understood that coal, oil and other fuels will produce a large amount of smoke, dust, CO, CO2, sulfur dioxide, particulate matter and nitrogen oxides and other pollutants when they are burned.
    These pollutants will * stay in the air and pass through the respiratory system and digestion.
    System and skin enter the human environment, thereby endangering human health.


      The important basis for my country’s environmental air quality evaluation is the "Ambient Air Quality Standard", which has undergone three revisions since its establishment, stipulating the classification of environmental air function zones, standard classification, pollutant items, monitoring methods, and the validity of data statistics.
    Air quality assessment, including carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, ozone, total suspended particulate matter, PM2.
    5 and other parameters as basic pollutants for air quality evaluation.
    The detection methods involved include flame atomic absorption spectrophotometry and high-performance liquid phase.
    Chromatography, graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrophotometry, etc.


      In recent years, with the rapid development of air quality monitoring technology at home and abroad, new and reliable, low-cost air quality testing methods and technologies are also emerging.
    Recently, scientists at the University of Utah proposed a low-tech air quality testing program.
    It is understood that the researchers found through investigation that leaves can capture the magnetic particles released by automobile exhaust and fossil fuel emissions, and put forward the theory that the surrounding air quality can be judged by the accumulation of magnetic particles on the leaves.


      In order to verify this conjecture, the research team sampled evergreen pine needles on both sides of four roads with different usage rates in summer when air quality is better and winter when air quality is poor.
    Using a microscope, the researchers found that the magnetic susceptibility of pine needles collected in winter is about 3 times that of pine needles collected in summer.
    In addition, they also found titanium, vanadium, zirconium and other elements related to brake dust, fossil fuel combustion and exhaust gas in the extracted particles.


      The research team believes that this technology that uses the accumulation of magnetic particles on leaves to measure the surrounding air quality has great potential.
    Using trees as air quality monitoring stations can provide a cheap and cheap way to assess air quality in urban areas on a large scale.
    simple way.


      The atmosphere is a necessary condition for humans and other organisms to survive, and its quality has a huge impact on human health and the entire ecological environment.
    Faced with the serious situation of air pollution, we must not only fully understand the various hazards caused by air pollution, but also take various effective measures to change this situation.
    The continuous advancement of science and technology will also bring more reliable and effective methods and technologies to environmental monitoring.


      Original title: Low-cost monitoring trees that help air quality have new uses
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