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    "Low-sugar rice cookers" do not lower blood sugar

    • Last Update: 2023-01-06
    • Source: Internet
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    In recent years, with the popularization of the concept of healthy eating, a "low-sugar rice cooker" product with "sugar-lowering" and "desugaring" functions has appeared on the market, attracting the attention and interest
    of many consumers.

    Low-sugar rice cookers actually have an extra layer of porous filtration liners than ordinary rice cookers, that is, the sugar kettles and steamers claimed by the
    When cooking "low-sugar rice", the porous filter liner must be used together, and during the cooking process, water enters through the holes, the rice is washed several times, and then the rice soup is separated from the rice and steamed
    The drained rice soup will take away some of the sugar in the rice to achieve the effect
    of reducing the sugar in the rice.

    When it comes to "low-sugar rice cookers," consumers' first feelings are often related to
    blood sugar.
    In fact, low-sugar rice cookers refer to such rice cookers that reduce the reducing sugar in rice during the cooking process through technical means to cook "low-sugar rice", which is completely two concepts
    with reducing human blood sugar.

    On November 17, the person in charge of the Zhenjiang Consumer Association told reporters that the investigation found that in the publicity of the product page, the so-called "sugar reduction" mentioned by the merchant actually refers to reducing the content
    of reducing sugar in rice.
    However, according to actual measurements, it can be seen that after ordinary rice and low-sugar rice enter the human body, the difference in blood sugar formed is not large, and it is converted into almost the same amount of blood sugar after being absorbed by the body, and there is no hypoglycemic effect

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