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    Lu Xiangyi centrifuges and major pharmaceutical companies to establish cooperative relations to help drug companies to transform and develop

    • Last Update: 2020-06-16
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    Pharmaceutical Network Corporate News: A well-known pharmaceutical company, the purchase of Lu Xiangyi 8 L800R oversized frozen centrifuges, the company's head Lushan site for customers to carry out centrifuge securityL800R ultra-high-capacity cryo-centrifuges are widely used in the center blood station, pharmaceutical, biological engineering and other fields, characterized by large sample processing volume, at the same time with PLC control system output can not be changed PDF printing format, centrifugal operation parameters data storage, three-level password management, electronic signature and other functions.
    Recently (the sound of medicine), Sanofi, Corning Jerry, Roche, Cinda biology have come to the news of cooperation, strong joint shake the market!
    Sanofi "Hand in Hand" Corninger, Layout Breast Cancer Market Sanofi and Corning Jerry announced that the two companies have signed an agreement to reach a strategic partnership: jointly target ingenuity 2-positive breast cancer patients, and promote kn026 and Dostaxel joint drug clinical trialsKN026 is an anti-HER2 bispecific antibody that binds to two non-overlapping epitopes of HER2 at the same time, causing the double HER2 signal to block, presumably causing HER2 to accumulate on the cell surface and swallowPre-clinical trials found that KN026 initially showed good efficacy and excellent safety for patients with advanced breast cancer who failed multiple treatment options, laying a solid foundation for the development of multiple front-line treatment combination drugs.
    Cinda Biopharmaceuticals completed a number of large-scale partnerships on the same day that Cinda Biopharma announced a strategic development partnership with the Roche Group, covering multiple tumor cell therapy and bispecific antibodiesThe partnership will focus on research, clinical development and commercialization of multiple bispecific antibody and cell therapy products that will be used directly in blood and solid tumor therapy.
    At the same time, a number of pharmaceutical companies plus code layout innovative drugs (information times news)ST Hundred Flowers raised nearly 430 million yuan for drug research and development and industrialization projects under the MAH system, small molecule innovative drug research and development projects, peptide innovative drugs and PDC drug research and development projectsThe fund-raising will be used for innovative drug research and development, the purchase of research and development technology center building, apitic drug production research and development and supporting facilities construction.
    Watson Pharmaceuticals also recently said on the interactive platform, the company has action in the innovation pharmaceutical sector, such as the introduction of scientific officers, the establishment of innovative pharmaceutical division, the construction of innovative drug laboratory, to build innovative pharmaceutical talent team, etc, has been partially completed or is in progress, the follow-up specific projects will be carried out in an orderly manner as planned.
    In addition, there are Colum Pharmaceuticals, Guangshengtang, Health Yuan, including a number of pharmaceutical companies have issued organizational structure adjustment information, layout of innovative drug research and developmentSong Qinghui, a well-known economist, told reporters that in recent years, the major pharmaceutical companies to increase the layout of innovative drugs, mainly with the copy of the profit space gradually reduced, the government's strong support and other factors related to forcing pharmaceutical companies to the transformation and development of innovative drugsIn his view, the development of innovative drugs has become the first pharmaceutical companies must go the way.
    The development of pharmaceutical enterprises can not be separated from research and development, production, access, promotion, this since the beginning of the stereotyped pharmaceutical industry chain, The Chinese pharmaceutical companies said that the global prerequisite is also to increase research and development investment, research and development strategy, research and development results significantly, product quality is stable and reliable, and all the development is inseparable from the stability of basic equipment based on GMP standards.
    The L800R ultra-high-capacity refrigeration centrifuge is a product developed specifically for high-capacity customers and its main technical performance.
    Ultra-large-capacity data storage and fault record and other information, easy to track the operation of historical data information, can export relevant data and printCapacity up to 2400 mlx6, one sample treatment up to 14400 ml.
    7-inch large-screen high halal color TFT touch screen control, easy operation, intuitive display, set parameters and real-time operating parameters can be displayed on the same screen.
    The use of imported high-performance compressor group, fluorine-free refrigerant R404a, in line with environmental requirements.
    A special rotor system with a variety of blood stations can be centrifuged with three-way bags and four-way bags commonly used in blood stations.
    With rotor recognition function, equipped with electronic door lock, equipped with imbalance, door cover self-locking, overspeed and other programs of protection functions, to ensure the safe operation of the instrument.
    Optional imported PC, centrifugal bottle transparent and intuitive, extended service life, and can be autoclave.
    Powerful control system, can achieve segmented step centrifugal preset program call, hierarchical password control, to ensure the use of equipment safe and reliable, easy to fine management.
    The use of edible grade silicone rubber overall seal ring, in line with GMP certificationCentrifuges are FDA certified in the United States.
    The PLC control system can be selected to realize the PDF export printing function.
    Technical parameters Shanghai Luxiangyi centrifuge instrument Co, Ltdis a professional production of centrifuge enterprises, located in Shanghai Pudong New Area, Shanghai, Shanghai South Road 4309 no 9, the company to produce a long history, strong technical force, excellent production equipment, testing equipment, reliable product quality, stable performance, complete specifications, design, novel, sophisticated technology is well-known Lu Xiangyi head Li Guimei looked at the customer's thumbs up is very pleased, over the years Shanghai Lu Xiangyi enterprises in their own development at the same time, but also do not forget to give back to the community, for Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises to provide superior performance, stable quality and reliable centrifuge products and continue to strive.
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