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    Lu Xiangyi completed the technical docking with a vaccine company and helped the company solve the technical problems of centrifuges online

    • Last Update: 2022-05-08
    • Source: Internet
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      [Pharmaceutical Network Enterprise News] On April 6, Shanghai Lu Xiangyi Centrifuge Instrument Co.
    , Ltd.
    (hereinafter referred to as: Lu Xiangyi) reached a technical docking cooperation with a vaccine manufacturer.
    The company's general manager Li Guimei, deputy general manager Lu Shan, workshop director and other technicians Participate in the matchmaking meeting, answer the technical problems related to centrifuges for vaccine companies online, and promote the better application of the vaccine companies in centrifuge products


      Online technology matchmaking meeting (all pictures provided by Lu Xiangyi) At the matchmaking meeting, the technologies involved such as the principle of water-cooled condensers, Lu Xiangyi's technicians introduced online, "The equipment that uses water as a cooling medium to condense high-temperature and high-pressure gaseous refrigerants is called Water-cooled condenser

    Since the temperature of water in nature is generally low, the condensation temperature of water-cooled condenser is relatively low, which is beneficial to the refrigeration capacity of the compressor and the economy of operation

    Most of the refrigeration systems use this type of condenser .


    cooling water used in the water-cooled condenser can flow through once or can be recycled

    When using circulating water, a cooling water tower or a cooling pool should be built so that the water leaving the condenser can be recooled for reuse

    " Principle of water-cooled condenser (picture provided by Lu Xiangyi) Lu Xiangyi's L800R ultra-large capacity refrigerated centrifuge, which has obtained US FDA certification, also participated in the meeting

    According to reports, this centrifuge equipment is specially designed for customers with large-capacity needs.
    This model has a large sample processing capacity.
    It can separate 12x400ml triple bags or quadruple bags and 24x200ml triple bags at a time


    At the same time, the device has super-large capacity data storage and fault records, which is convenient for tracking historical data information, and can export relevant data and print.


    It is very suitable for central blood bank, pharmaceutical, bioengineering and other fields

     L800R ultra-large-capacity refrigerated centrifuge (picture provided by Lu Xiangyi) Despite the impact of the epidemic, this technical matchmaking meeting was still highly valued and fully promoted by Lu Xiangyi.
    Patient technical answers and detailed operation instructions also won high recognition from customers


       In recent years, Lu Xiangyi has carried out fruitful exchanges and cooperation with many domestic universities, hospitals, petrochemicals, pharmaceutical companies, food companies, high-tech companies and scientific research units, and established a stable technical cooperation relationship for the supply of centrifuge products

    Through this technical matchmaking meeting, Lu Xiangyi established a closer, higher-quality and more sustainable cooperative relationship with vaccine manufacturers, creating a new chapter of friendly cooperation

       Lu Xiangyi's ability to win the trust and favor of customers is inseparable from the support of strong technical strength and the assistance of good after-sales service

    In terms of technology, the company is a Chinese centrifuge enterprise that has obtained the US FDA certification.
    It has developed for more than 40 years, but it has been consistent on the road of development, constantly pursuing high quality and innovating into the future; in terms of after-sales service , the company adheres to "credibility first" and "customer first", continuously improves the pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale service systems, and makes every effort to provide users with high-quality products and services


       Lu Xiangyi said that in the future, he will continue to provide reliable quality and services to the vast number of users, forge ahead on the development road of building laboratory basic instruments, and help more and more manufacturers to achieve more accurate and efficient production, for the health of human life.
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