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    Luozigou Town: Let the pesticide bottle no longer "stray"

    • Last Update: 2021-06-11
    • Source: Internet
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    Luozigou Town: Let pesticide bottles stop "wandering".
    In order to reduce the pollution of pesticide waste to land and rivers and improve the ecological environment of towns and towns, Luozigou Town carried out the activity of "Pesticide Packaging Waste Exchanged Washing Powder", which not only makes it wasteful Pesticide bottles are no longer "wandering", and the discarded pesticide bottles and pesticide packages that have been deposited in rural fields for many years have been effectively treated, which has greatly improved the rural environment
    On June 1, the reporter saw in the village of Xihe Village that Lin Hong, a homestay in the village, had exchanged four bags of washing powder with his recent "trophies"
    On-site sound: Simultaneous sound: Xihe Village B&B Lin Hong's village is getting better now.
    The pesticide bottle, fertilizer bag, and foliar fertilizer bag can all be replaced with washing powder.
    You see, I took it again today I bought so much washing powder in exchange
    By using pesticide packaging waste to exchange washing powder, not only the enthusiasm of the villagers was mobilized, but also the habits and concepts of the villagers were subtly changed, and the awareness of environmental protection was improved
    Simultaneous sound: Sun Yanhua, Secretary of the Party Branch of Xihe Village and Director of the Village Committee (previously) Our village throws out pesticide bottles everywhere, and the people don’t have this awareness of environmental protection, and the seeds and fertilizer bags are thrown away at hand.
    The fields are in the river.
    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the bottles and bags, there is a lot of white trash.
    Bottles or something, it’s enough to wash clothes in one summer, and the people like it very much, and they are happy
    It is reported that Luozigou Town’s pesticide packaging waste exchange washing powder activity has been implemented on a trial basis in Xihe Village since 2019, and it has now covered 3 administrative villages including Sandaohezi Village.
    At present, more than 400 people have participated in the activity, and a total of more than 400 people have taken part in the activity.
    More than 4,000 pesticide bottles
    Simultaneous sound: Li Jingliang, full-time vice chairman of the Women's Federation of Luozigou Town, in order to further boost the construction of beautiful villages and promote the environmental improvement of the town, each village exchanges small gifts according to the amount of household production waste such as pesticide bottles and fertilizer bags recycled by the villagers, in order to stimulate Villagers' enthusiasm for participating in environmental improvement
    In the next step, the town party committee and government plan to use Xihe Village as a template to promote it in the whole town
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