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    Luxi Chemical is building the world's largest propionic acid production base

    • Last Update: 2022-04-24
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      At present, Luxi Chemical is advancing the second phase of the propionic acid project as scheduled.
    If the project is completed, Luxi Chemical will have an annual production capacity of 200,000 tons of propionic acid, accounting for 32% of the global propionic acid production capacity

    This is after Luxi Chemical has grown into the industry leader in formic acid, propionic acid will continue to win the championship and become the largest supplier of propionic acid in the world, solving the problem of insufficient supply of propionic acid in China in one fell swoop


      The relevant person in charge of Luxi Chemical said that since the first phase of the propionic acid plant was put into operation, the process has been running stably, the propionic acid product has good quality and has a wide range of applications
    Relying on the company's project construction, operation management, technical advantages and design, manufacturing and installation advantages, the second-phase project can effectively shorten the project construction period

    The company will further optimize the existing sales channels, continue to increase the domestic and foreign market share of propionic acid products, improve profitability, and make due contributions to the availability of high-quality and cheap propionic acid in China


      It is reported that after the completion of the second phase of Luxi Chemical's propionic acid, the total global propionic acid production capacity is 630,000 tons, mainly distributed in China, Germany and the United States
    At that time, the world's major propionic acid manufacturers and their annual production capacity will be: China Luxi Chemical 200,000 tons, Yamba Nanjing 69,000 tons, Germany BASF 110,000 tons, Dow 90,000 tons, Eastman 70,000 tons, Sweden Pass 50,000 tons


      It is understood that propionic acid is one of the important basic raw materials and is widely used in industries such as food additives, feed preservatives, pharmaceutical intermediates, pesticides and spices
    With the breakthrough of key production processes, China's propionic acid industry has played a pivotal role in the world, providing China and the world with better quality and cheaper products


      Industry experts pointed out that the layout of Luxi Chemical's second phase of propionic acid will make it take the top spot in the global propionic acid industry in the next two years.
    In the future, the global propionic acid market may present a pattern of fierce competition between BASF and Luxi Chemical.
    Pakistan Nanjing company also has a plan to expand the production capacity of propionic acid with an annual output of 40,000 tons

    However, under the current situation of poor downstream construction, enterprises still need to be cautious in expanding capacity


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