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    Luxi Group Sixth Chemical Fertilizer Co., Ltd. was awarded the Certificate of Advanced Customs Certification Enterprise

    • Last Update: 2022-03-08
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    Recently, Jiang Wei, deputy director of Liaocheng Customs and his entourage came to Luxi Group and issued a certificate of advanced customs certification to the Group's Sixth Fertilizer Co.
    , Ltd.
    Cai Yingqiang, deputy general manager of the group, and Hu Ruixiang, deputy director of the International Trade Company, accompanied the event.
    During the exchange process, Customs Director Jiang explained and made suggestions from the aspects of the certification significance, role and far-reaching influence of high-level certification enterprises, as well as the need to strengthen communication, improve business, and standardize management in the course of cooperation between the two sides over the years.
    Congratulations to the Group's Sixth Fertilizer Co.
    , Ltd.
    for being awarded the title of Advanced Customs Certification Enterprise.
    He also expressed that Liaocheng Customs will continue to support Luxi Group's foreign trade work in the future, and sincerely hope that Luxi Group will do a good job in the long-term layout of advanced enterprise certification and expand the scope of certified companies.
    On behalf of Luxi Group, the company’s general manager Cai expressed his heartfelt thanks to Liaocheng Customs for the strong support, help and recognition in the process of issuing the certificate to the company and obtaining the certificate! And combined with the group's international trade development direction, strategy and work to be done in the future were introduced.
    After the meeting, a certificate issuance ceremony was held for the high-level customs certification enterprise.
    Up to now, there are only three companies in Liaocheng that have advanced customs certification.
    It is understood that the advanced customs certification was implemented from December 1, 2014 in accordance with the General Administration of Customs Order No.
    225 "Interim Measures for the Administration of Customs Enterprise Credit of the People’s Republic of China".
    It is to promote the establishment of a social credit system and establish import and export of enterprises.
    The credit management system, which guarantees the safety and convenience of trade, is formulated by the General Administration of Customs and recognized and issued on-site by the customs directly under its jurisdiction.
    It is also the determination of the credit rating of certified enterprises.
    The customs advanced certification standards are divided into five categories, 18 articles and 32 items.
    They are standardized and evaluated in five aspects: internal control, financial status, legal compliance, trade safety and additional standards, and basically cover all aspects related to import and export activities.
    The customs uses this certification method to classify the credit rating of import and export enterprises, and grants corresponding customs clearance convenience and preferential policies to promote the standardization of import and export activities and the law-abiding and honest operation of enterprises, and through the development of AEO (certified The mutual recognition of operators) between countries allows my country’s import and export enterprises to enjoy the same customs clearance convenience and preferential policies in mutually recognized countries to strengthen and expand international trade.
    The implementation and acquisition of the Sixth Chemical Fertilizer Co.
    , Ltd.
    ’s advanced customs certification will enable Luxi Group’s import and export business to enjoy the lower import and export cargo inspection rate that ordinary certified companies should enjoy, simplify the inspection of import and export cargo documents, and give priority to the import and export business.
    In addition to the customs clearance procedures for export goods, they also have the right to determine the commodity classification, customs valuation, place of origin, or other customs procedures for import and export goods.
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