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    Marine pollution has a trilemma, monitoring instruments and meters to guard the blue home

    • Last Update: 2022-06-08
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      【Chemical Machinery Equipment Network Hot Focus ] The ocean is a vast body of water on the earth, accounting for about 70% of the earth's surface area.
    It is not only a cornucopia of oil and gas resources and various mineral resources, but also one of the important battlefields for human military activities.
    my country has an ocean area of ​​more than 3 million square kilometers, rich in ocean resources, and great potential for development and utilization.

    Hot attention of Chemical Machinery Equipment NetworkChemical machinery and equipment
      However, oil spills, illegal mining of sea sand, marine dumping, and illegal fishing have frequently occurred.
    Disordered sewage discharge, illegal aquaculture, and illegal island construction are difficult to prevent.
    Due to the traditional marine ecological environment planning, the awareness of land and sea coordination is not strong, and the economy in some areas is extensive.
    Influenced by development and other factors, the marine ecosystem is carrying double pollution and development pressure from land and sea, and problems such as serious offshore pollution are becoming more and more prominent.
    The ocean is the "blue engine" of our country's development.
    However, compared with terrestrial environmental governance, marine environmental protection is still lagging behind and has become a shortcoming in the construction of ecological civilization.


      Protecting the marine ecological environment still faces a series of challenges: marine pollution behavior is far from inland, relatively hidden, clues are difficult to find, investigation is difficult, and evidence is difficult; pollution subjects are complex, therefore, monitoring and testing the ocean is more important.
    China Ocean in 2019 The Bulletin of the State of the Ecological Environment shows that the overall marine water environmental quality has improved.
    The area of ​​the sea area that meets the* water quality standards accounts for 97% of the jurisdictional sea area; the proportion of areas with good water quality in the coastal waters is 76.
    6%, an increase of 5.
    3 percentage points year-on-year.


      In 2019, my country also carried out monitoring of 448 direct sea industrial pollution sources, domestic pollution sources, and comprehensive sewage outlets with daily sewage discharge greater than 100 cubic meters; 5 monitoring in Yingkou, Qinhuangdao, Dongying, Penglai, and Beihuang City in the Bohai Sea region The station has carried out marine air pollutant deposition monitoring; at the same time, marine garbage monitoring has been carried out in 49 regions across the country, and marine monitoring has been carried out at 15 points in the offshore section of the Bohai Sea and the East China Sea.


      So do you know the monitoring that helps us protect the "blue home"?

      With the advancement of science and technology, driven by the rapid progress of optics, electricity, mechanics, and materials, my country’s marine environmental monitoring technology has been continuously updated and improved.
    The technology of monitoring instruments is constantly evolving.
    Many monitoring instruments are developing in the direction of miniaturization, miniaturization and multi-parameterization.
    Such as
    The size of chromatographs , spectrophotometers, X-ray fluorescence spectrometers, thermal analyzers and other instruments has been greatly reduced.
    At present, portable gas chromatographs, spectrometers, near-infrared spectrometers, X-ray analysis and other portable analytical instruments have been launched and applied to the ocean Environmental monitoring.

    Monitoring instrumentChromatograph
      In addition, for now, the existing domestic marine dynamic environment monitoring network includes shore and island marine stations, boron observations, marine buoy observations, underwater seabed systems, and remote sensing satellite monitoring.
    Among them, ocean remote sensing satellites, as a new type of monitoring technology with high viewpoint, wide field of view, and fast data acquisition speed, can detect sea surface wind field, sea surface height, wave field, current field and temperature field and other dynamic elements, with fast, Many advantages such as large-scale, all-weather, repeatable continuous observation and digitization of data acquisition have become the main means of marine dynamic environmental monitoring.


      Marine pollution is difficult to discover, identify, and clean up.
    Monitoring instruments help protect the blue home.


      Original title: Marine pollution is difficult to discover, identify, and clean up.
    Monitoring instruments to guard the blue home
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