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    Market "clone" intensified, coating enterprises to force product upgrades

    • Last Update: 2021-03-04
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    News: Throughout the current
    market, brand building, increasingly fierce competition, and now the paint industry is facing a critical period of development, and product independent development and innovation has become a serious lack of
    coating enterprises
    the main obstacle to the development of progress. In the "product for the king" of the time, who can grasp the product upgrade "highland", who can lead all the way to become the industry leader. Therefore, coating enterprises urgently need to speed up the pace of product upgrading, preempt the development of the opportunity.
    , the paint industry has entered a critical period of survival, the improvement of the innovation ability of coating enterprises will become an important watershed. Industry insiders say that the domestic paint industry currently has a large and complete industrial team, chain, production capacity, production, product lines, and advanced production equipment, but there is also the most fatal weakness, copying imitation endlessly. Homogenization phenomenon is not only in the paint industry, from the initial mobile phone imitation to the present entertainment program to follow the trend, shanzhai products more and more, daily life is homogenized swept. Paint industry as a home building materials industry to develop relatively early industry is naturally facing this problem. When it comes to
    brand brand,
    first thought is often a foreign brand. Because the domestic paint enterprise replication ability is too strong, almost has the ability to "never forget", most of the design of the same, lack of creativity. In the face of personalized missing paint market, consumers do not buy "n cells", but more inclined to foreign brands.
    In fact, in the long history of technology and product evolution in the coatings industry, most new processes and new products are the product of imitation, sporadic and local changes are the norm, and new designs are only a few. But this does not prevent the paint industry technology continues to improve, new products continue to emerge, problems are constantly solved, demand is constantly being met. As we all know, "innovation is never-ending", from past experience can also be seen that those who are bigger and stronger paint enterprises, often based on product innovation. At present, the domestic paint enterprises have a lot of designers began to carry out original design, although still in the initial stage, but the prospects are infinitely bright. Industry analysts believe that paint enterprises sink their hearts to do a good job of product quality, the courage to innovate, in materials, technology and other fields to study boldly, in the local market to catch up with foreign brands, the future to the international market is not a night.
    Today's paint market brands, so that the original competitive market become more "nervous", in order to break this situation, paint enterprises have to long-term plans, pay attention to the original design of coatings, to meet the different demands of consumers, in order to achieve considerable development.
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