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    Market confidence has improved, and rubber has fluctuated to the upside

    • Last Update: 2023-02-02
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    The impact of rainfall on rubber tapping in southern Thailand and eastern Vietnam has increased, and the supply of raw materials is expected to decrease.
    Return to work and return to work Individual enterprises start work and deposit slightly improve space, inventory continues to accumulate, recent months delivery positions and warehouse receipt changes may affect the later market trend, domestic economic activities gradually pick up, market confidence has improved, rubber shock upward


    Futures price difference: On the 1.
    4th, the main RU closed at 13080 yuan / ton (+10), and the main closing price of NR was 9830 yuan / ton (+5).

    RU basis -530 yuan/ton (+315), NR basis -48 yuan/ton (-123).

    RU non-standard price difference of 2155 yuan / ton (+10), cigarette chip import profit 294 yuan / ton (11).

    Spot market: 1.
    4 days, full latex quotation 12550 yuan / ton (+325), mixed rubber quotation 10925 yuan / ton (0), 3L spot quotation 11675 yuan / ton (+100), STR20# quotation 1415 US dollars / ton (-10), butylbenzene quotation 10500 yuan / ton (0).

    Thai ingredients: raw film 44.
    10 baht/kg (0), cup glue 39.
    15 baht/kg (+0.
    25), glue 43.
    30 baht/kg (0), tobacco sheet 47.
    59 baht/kg (+0.

    Domestic raw materials: Yunnan glue 10800 yuan / ton (0), Hainan glue 11350 yuan / ton (0).

    As of 12.
    30: total stock on the exchange 186702 (+6089), exchange warehouse receipt 170110 (+100).

    As of 12.
    29, the domestic all-steel tire operating rate was 44.
    70% (-5.
    05%), and the domestic semi-steel tire operating rate was 53.
    59% (-4.

    Viewpoint: On the supply side, the rainfall in the main producing areas of southern Thailand and eastern Vietnam is large, the impact on rubber tapping work is enhanced, and the supply of raw materials is expected to decrease, the Hainan production area has completely stopped cutting, and the Vietnamese production area has entered the production reduction season; On the demand side, after returning to work, individual enterprises have room for small improvement in starting work; In terms of inventory, the social treasury, bonded treasury, and delivery warehouse are slightly accumulated, and the 01 contract is still higher than in previous years after entering the delivery month, focusing on the actual delivery in recent months, the change of near-month delivery positions and warehouse receipts may affect the later market trend, the gradual recovery of domestic economic activities, market confidence has improved, and rubber shocks are upward

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