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    Marketing: a god marketing of grasping psychology and bringing back the "great sage"

    • Last Update: 2020-04-03
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    The core tip: in the industry generally familiar with "four points of the movie, six points to declare hair", a lot of high-quality films often suck out because of the marketing of "no effort"

    Compared with the "little time 4" and "Gardenia blossom" released in the same period, the declaration of the return of the great sage of the journey to the west is definitely "not to be suck"

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    Compared with the "little time 4" and "Gardenia blossom" released in the same period, the declaration of the return of the great sage of the journey to the west is definitely "not to be suck"

    But it's the movie that few people heard of a month ago that has been swiping the screen in many people's "circle of friends" these days

    For a long time, the lack of expectation of domestic animation and the strong recommendation of friends have formed a fierce confrontation in people's hearts

    Driven by curiosity, the box office of this film quickly backfired

    The marketing effect of all these "phenomenal" has aroused people's doubts: how does such a cartoon ignite social media, and how does it use the Internet to fight against other movies? (Statistics of multiple platforms as of the afternoon of July 14) first lock the "seeds" and then "blossom" in Hollywood through social network, similar to "Iron Man 3" For a blockbuster with an investment of 200 million US dollars, the publicity and distribution expenses usually account for about 50% of the total cost

    According to Gao Lu animation, the producer of "the return of the great sage", the cost of the film is about 60 million yuan, and its publicity expenses are not sufficient

    Due to the tight cost of publicity and the fierce competition in the summer archives, the number of films arranged when the film is officially released is not large

    The less the arrangement, the more likely the crowding effect will occur

    That is to say, the film will be released before people have time to find it attractive

    Under the situation of crisis, the way of "return of the great sage" is: a large area of point reflection

    Let some people watch first, and when they are successfully attracted by the content, "passers-by turns fans", at the same time, promote the spread of movies on social networks

    Let word-of-mouth effect and network effect have chemical effect together

    "Our early publicity budget is spent on the word-of-mouth cultivation of seeds," Yang Dan, vice president of wechat movie tickets who participated in the publicity, told Tencent Technology: the most important thing in the early stage is to find the right people to deliver information

    " At the beginning of "return of the great sage", the "seed audience" selected art students and some experts in the industry

    "It's really hard to get the average audience to like a movie

    But professionals like to spread the content when they approve it

    Under their influence, the general audience will be more receptive to the film

    " Social media influences the audience through interpersonal relationship and exerts the effect of changing the audience's attitude and behavior

    The leader of public opinion is not only a part of the audience, but also can affect a part of the audience

    It has a great influence in the communication activities, and can play a role of one hundred or even more

    Professional media people, film critics, theater workers, professional practitioners in the film industry can all influence the effect of film publicity from the professional field

    Therefore, if the film information can be well passed to these people, it can also be regarded as a good route of film publicity, marketing and promotion

    On the one hand, the "big V" in wechat micro blog has millions of fans

    In one word, its propagation speed and effect are no less than that of traditional media

    On the other hand, every participant in social media is also the receiver and transmitter of information

    As long as a little "guidance", it is easy to spontaneous transmission

    And these, compared with the high cost of advertising, the effect is not bad

    The Internet, especially social media, is relatively an "open" resource and media platform

    Therefore, many producers and distributors are on the same starting line, competing for creativity and planning

    The propaganda plan of the return of the great sage can be summed up in six words: grasping the psychology of the audience

    The first is that people are more inclined to "show off" what they have and others don't have on social media - that's what hunger marketing comes from

    The large-scale pre screening of "return of the great sage" enables more people to "show off" the film

    The desire to share comes from the positive interaction, the sense of participation and the sense of substitution

    This made the film's first audience "tap water" and willing to "Amway" others in their own social circle

    After the first group of fans, some online media publicity about the return of the great sage began to play a role

    And their core is to create the image of the film "counter attack"

    From the beginning of the stolen box office events to the image of "less arrangement but high box office", it is undoubtedly to arouse people's emotional support

    And "domestic animation" has been labeled in people's mind, as long as the content exceeds people's expectations, it is easy to trigger a hot viewing enthusiasm

    Such a virtuous circle makes the film more and more favorable in social media

    According to statistics, the attendance rate of "return of the great sage" reached 38.02% on July 13 among all the films arranged in the national cinema line, with an average of more than 50 participants

    Among them, the first tier cities such as Beijing and Shanghai are more prominent

    The attendance rate of "return of the great sage" in the first tier cities has exceeded 46%, reaching an average of 64 people

    This performance goes far beyond the two youth blockbusters "little age 4" and "Gardenia in bloom" released at the same time

    When the occupancy rate is guaranteed, the arrangement of cinemas will increase naturally

    Less than 10% of films are scheduled on the first day, and more than 20% are scheduled today

    How to play Hollywood blockbusters in the United States, social network marketing has become an indispensable part of film publicity

    In contrast, they have more tricks and more systematic marketing

    Disney created Facebook's application, troniverse, for genesis

    The app, which is still active, uploads movie related comments, videos and pictures to more social networks and presents them in interactive networks

    Disney even offered movie tickets for Toy Story 3 on Facebook

    Fawkes uses Facebook to do in-depth marketing for Afanda, including apps and promotional ads

    Sony has developed its own internal ticketing program for its own movies, selling movie tickets through Facebook and inviting Facebook friends to watch movies together

    It can be seen that these foreign means are also gradually learned by domestic film publicity

    The publicity and distribution of films is a systematic project, and the final box office is not decided by social media

    However, in the era of mobile Internet connected by everyone, word-of-mouth communication and online marketing will play an increasingly important role

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