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    Marketing: corporate promotional film

    • Last Update: 2020-04-03
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    Core tips: 1

    Current situation of coating industry website Application scope and advantages of roller ceramic coating Recommended introduction: the surface of ceramic rubber plate used for roller ceramic coating is cast into durable rubber plate by hundreds of independent small ceramic pieces

    Each ceramic piece has raised characteristics

    Under general conveyor belt pressure, thousands of unique cast bumps can produce positive traction, prevent slipping and extend the service life of conveyor belt roller

    At the same time, the bottom layer adopts high-quality rubber, which has strong elasticity and can play a good impact resistance role

    The scope of application of roller ceramic coating is one three six 83857180 (the same as V) 1

    Roller coating in extremely harsh working environment 2

    The belt joint is not suitable for fixing with iron buckle; 3

    It is suitable for leather Home of coatings news: first, in the era of informatization and e-commerce, small and medium-sized enterprises pay most attention to the services of industry websites, hoping to improve product sales and expand brand influence with the help of industry websites

    The coating industry is dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises, so various network companies are optimistic about this market, and the large and small coating industry websites are developing vigorously

    Two, the confusion and the website's suck power, but because of the lack of norms, most websites plagiarize each other, resulting in: information is not standard, unreal, unpractical, unfriendly, inconvenient, and not timely, so that enterprises can not choose

    3、 The new ideas brought by the rising star are more in line with the rules of search engine optimization after SEO test, and the hot keywords rank superior

    Through the regular professional operation team, they have successfully appeared on Baidu's homepage in just two years

    4、 After the use of enterprise benefits landing, information, supply and demand, investment, exhibition, enterprise Yellow Pages have everything that one expects to find

    Discuss the coating technology with friends in the coating circle, watch the coating standardization process video, and get prompt message from customers in time

    It is a B2B platform specialized in coating industry to produce marketing website and marketing video, and integrate coating industry chain into a powerful data system

    Make it easy! 5、 The positioning and advantage of the building coating industry in China is the network marketing service center, which is the Qinhuangdao Office of the building coating Association

    Business channel + technology community service is a platform for transformation and innovation of coating industry

    From factory building, technical training to market, let coating enterprises find home ownership

    Promote the standardization development of coating enterprises

    Key words: the enterprise propagandizes the paint enterprise, the wine fragrance is also afraid of the alley, the deep paint enterprise needs to propagandize the carrex environmental protection paint to launch the new generation of real stone paint products, the same kind of information, the joint planning and common development of the strong and strong, the deep strategic cooperation with woodpecker paint group, the new partner of the paint industry development to help the paint enterprise take off Good news: Qinhuangdao Weixiao Technology Co., Ltd

    - launched the "14th annual meeting of building coating industry in the East three provinces" in Dalian today

    Warmly celebrate Qinhuangdao Weixiao Technology Co., Ltd

    in Shanghai equity trust

    Paint industry technical experts visit We have reached strategic cooperation agreement with the 10th Ring Road certification

    We will be invited to participate in the building energy saving new technology coating house of Hebei Province, which is specialized in coating, diatom mud, paint coating, coating process, news information and coating of fireproof coating, diatom mud, paint coating, coating process, decoration knowledge and decoration effect map of fireproof coating,
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