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    Marketing: domestic marketing strategy is a systematic project

    • Last Update: 2020-04-03
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    Core tip: mature entrepreneurs have innate insight into business opportunities, and they can catch them in time

    When preparing for a new business, their other ability can not be ignored

    They can not only think about new business from a strategic height, but also be good at using systematic way of thinking to deal with new business

    Therefore, they should make full preliminary demonstration and analysis, and do a series Unified strategic plan and plan

    Many of our foreign trade enterprises turn to the domestic market

    The lack of systematic strategic planning for domestic sales is one of the common problems

    The lack of systematic strategic planning for domestic sales, at the beginning, has laid a failure factor for future operations

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    When preparing for a new business, their other ability cannot be ignored

    They are not only able to think about new business from a strategic height, but also good at using systematic way of thinking to deal with new business

    Therefore, they should make full preliminary demonstration and analysis, and make a system The strategic vision and planning

    Many of our foreign trade enterprises turn to the domestic market

    The lack of systematic strategic planning for domestic sales is one of the common problems

    The lack of systematic strategic planning for domestic sales, at the beginning, has laid a failure factor for future operations

    Compared with the enterprises with rich experience in operation, the domestic sales of foreign trade enterprises is based on the experience and understanding of almost blank

    Some obvious traps are often ignored by them

    Systematic planning of domestic sales strategy is particularly important for foreign trade enterprises to do domestic sales, rather than adding to the cake

    Unfortunately, we often see this phenomenon: many foreign trade enterprises think that the product quality is good and cost-effective, and the domestic market has a better demand, so grassland decides to expand domestic sales

    The fatal crisis is produced in the absence of in-depth analysis

    The following case is what I found when I served a food enterprise in Zhejiang Province

    The boss of that enterprise happened to be the relative of the boss of the food enterprise I served - excessive product complex, always do bad things! Zhejiang is a foreign trade enterprise that produces paper folders

    Its products are mainly exported to the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea and other countries

    It has very good cooperation with several important stationery retail giants in the world, and its export volume is also very large

    With the development of overseas market for many years, there is more and more limited space for overseas market to expand

    They naturally turn their eyes to the domestic market, expecting to realize their strategic extension to the domestic market through domestic sales

    Their consideration is very direct: at present, domestic folders are mainly made of PP materials

    Compared with PP folders, paper folders have obvious environmental protection advantages

    They believe that environmental protection is the most important product element in the stationery industry

    In their understanding of stationery, they also found that office stationery buyers are very concerned about the environmental protection of products, such as whether whiteboard pens smell pungent, whether the tape contains formaldehyde, etc

    These findings have brought great confidence to this enterprise

    As one of the largest categories of office stationery, the first introduction of paper folders not only meets the environmental protection requirements of consumers, but also can seize the market opportunity

    Moreover, paper folders have been widely recognized and accepted in developed markets such as Europe, America, Japan and South Korea

    Therefore, the company has formulated a clear strategic thinking and goal for domestic sales

    It is necessary to build the first brand of paper folders in China, radiate the three-level market through agents in various regional markets in China, and cooperate with large stationery retailers in the first and second tier cities to enter the Chinese market in two ways

    Of course, the final results of the operation did not reach the target

    In the past few years, there has been a certain amount of sales, but the sales volume has been difficult to exceed 10 million

    Because, the reality of the domestic stationery market is that strong brands of various categories of stationery are basically formed, i.e., folders, three needles and one order, pens, books and other categories, with dominant category brands, and there are certain difficulties for the latecomers in a single category; Strong brands of stationery categories are also changing

    Through product integration, comprehensive category advantages are established to meet the needs of comprehensive procurement of downstream distributors (stationery wholesalers need thousands of products to support their wholesale business, and they need upstream suppliers with more comprehensive supply capacity to improve their procurement convenience); Although paper folders are more environmentally friendly, domestic consumers are satisfied with the environmental protection level of PP folders, and the cost of re education is too high, which is not more affordable for an enterprise

    Domestic stationery circulation, dealers are still the key link of the channel, and professional stationery retailers in the primary market play a strong role

    How to look at this unsuccessful case from the perspective of systematic strategy? In essence, the enterprise only considers the domestic sales strategy from the perspective of single product, and the thinking lacks depth - a single paper folder product cannot carry the strategic mission of domestic sales? Without systematic argumentation of this key strategic element and hasty formulation of strategic objectives, there will naturally be deviation or even conflict in strategic direction

    Then, the implementation of specific channel construction, product listing and other marketing behaviors will certainly bring results that are inconsistent with the strategic objectives

    How to regard the domestic marketing strategy as a systematic project, so as to make the domestic marketing operation more effective with less effort? As a brand-new business of foreign trade enterprises, domestic sales do not have the corresponding strategic system as the enterprises that have been operating the domestic market

    In the absence of practical operation experience for reference, the systematic business strategy should be "business strategy - Implementation Strategy - implementation strategy" throughout

    First of all, we should fully analyze and demonstrate the relevant strategic elements of business strategy, such as: business strategic positioning and mission definition, business strategic objectives and vision, business model and profit model to achieve strategic objectives, competitiveness and competitive advantage that enterprises should establish, strategic allocation of enterprise resources, etc

    [link: the core proposition that the domestic marketing strategic link should systematically solve] to make the domestic marketing strategic system planning, the following core propositions of the business strategy should be systematically solved from the perspective of business strategy: 1

    To deeply study and analyze the current situation of the industry competition and clarify the trend of the industry competition; 2

    To accurately refine the key success factors of the domestic marketing desire to enter the field; 3

    Accurately grasp the domestic sales will meet the needs of end users; 4

    Formulate reasonable business strategic objectives and vision to provide a clear direction for domestic sales; 5

    Choose what kind of unique competitive business model to achieve the strategic objectives of domestic sales; 6

    Choose what kind of profit model to achieve the balance of interests of all business parties and have a long-term; 7

    What core competitiveness or competitive advantage should an enterprise establish to participate in the market competition? 8

    What kind of value system should be established for domestic sales to meet the value system of the target end customers? 9

    How to restructure the enterprise resources to meet the resource demand of domestic sales operation? 10

    Establish a reasonable and executable path to achieve the strategic objectives; 11

    Formulate a clear implementation plan for domestic sales strategy to ensure the organic coordination of the operation team

    Starting from the above 11 core propositions for domestic sales strategic planning, domestic sales has a relatively complete strategic framework, through in-depth analysis and demonstration to solve the above core propositions, domestic sales strategy can be achieved systematically

    What's more, we need to find the supporting strategies of business strategy, establish the brand strategy system, product strategy system, channel strategy system, communication and promotion strategy system, organization and reorganization system of domestic sales, etc., so that the domestic sales strategy can be truly implemented in the operation and implementation strategy and form mutual support

    The last kilometer of a perfect domestic sales strategic system is the tactical combination of specific operation and implementation, such as reasonable channel policy, strong regional promotion, attractive promotion combination, etc., which is the longest and hardest "last kilometer" of domestic sales

    Since the 1980s, China's marketing has experienced more than 20 years of baptism, forging a lot of powerful marketing talents

    Today, they are leading their own enterprises to compete face-to-face in the market together with world-class enterprise brands in China, and continue to compose an amazing market feat

    Looking back over 20 years, China's marketing has gone through a strange and tortuous road

    Professor Lu Taihong, a local marketing champion, wrote a blue book of Chinese marketing for this purpose, which analyzed the marketing situation and development process of China for more than 20 years in detail, and listed the marketing concepts and some marketing memorabilia jointly created by many successful enterprises and marketing experts

    China Marketing blue book provides a rare reference for 60 million marketers in China, and it is also a textbook to understand the marketing process in China

    Recently, I have also reviewed the history of marketing in China's local enterprises

    A strange phenomenon has attracted my attention

    Although there are too many changes and many marketing concepts one after another in the development of marketing in China for more than 20 years, there are only two classes with obvious differences, that is, the perceptual marketing era from the end of 1980s to the beginning of 1990s to the present Tian gradually moves towards a mature era of rational marketing

    The characteristics of the era of perceptual marketing the so-called perceptual marketing refers to all the marketing behaviors of enterprises, which are lack of rational strategic thinking, and all the market problems, through some ideas of inspiration, to achieve market success, specifically reflected in the high frequency of advertising promotion, the lack of long-term planning and neglect of internal management

    At that time, China's market environment was very simple and the market management was not standardized, especially the perceptual shopping form of Chinese consumers who were used to the planned economic environment, which made such enterprises relying on the idea planning to carry out market behavior more or less have achieved gratifying success

    The representatives of such enterprises include aido, Qinchi, Sanzhu, naojin, and sungod

    A perceptual person, in a special environment, may be able to do things that cannot be achieved by a successful and rational person

    For example, some private enterprise bosses in Chaoshan area analyze the reasons for their success

    Most of them have made great achievements with a kind of bold and adventurous spirit and a little sensitive to the minds of ordinary people

    However, perceptual people, because of their thinking orientation, are self-centered The starting point is too self-centered, so the problem is often too subjective and narrow, so the error rate of judgment and decision-making is also high

    The failure of the above-mentioned enterprises also proves the cost of perceptual marketing from the other side
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