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    Marketing: from the disappearance of Gree's mobile game, look at the marketing means of the wonderful flowers in the Internet circle these years

    • Last Update: 2020-04-03
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    Core tip: after a long time of speculation, Gree mobile phone finally opened its veil, but after half an hour's sale, it disappeared

    On August 24, Gree mobile started the robbery at 10 o'clock on time, but after only half an hour, the mobile phone disappeared from the business as if it had never appeared

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    It is suitable for leather Paint Home News: fired for a long time Gree mobile phone, this time finally opened the veil, but half an hour after the start of the sale, it played a missing

    On August 24, Gree mobile started the robbery at 10 o'clock on time, but after only half an hour, the mobile phone disappeared from the business as if it had never appeared

    This "ticket skipping" of Gree mobile phone is as low-key as if nothing has happened, but it has attracted the suspicion of many insiders

    Is this another opportunity marketing of Gree? Although Gree responded that the dealer didn't get the authorization from the headquarters, it was still doubted that Gree air conditioner built its own exclusive store channel nationwide

    Which Dealer dared to do it by themselves? In this article, we will talk about this event, and look at the marketing methods of the Internet circle in these years

    That one billion bet about Gree's mobile phone has been exposed for a long time, and it will start from the one billion bet in 2013

    On December 12, 2013, at the CCTV annual economic figures award ceremony, Lei Jun said that if Xiaomi's business income beat gree in five years, he hoped Dong Mingzhu would pay 1 yuan for himself, and Dong Mingzhu responded forcefully on the spot: "don't mention 1 yuan, just bet 1 billion yuan." The gamble is seen as a battle between the Internet model and the traditional manufacturing model

    In the hot discussion on the winning and losing of this gamble, in January this year, Dong Mingzhu, chairman of Gree, talked about the 1 billion gamble with Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi, while recording a financial program of Shenzhen satellite TV

    Dong Mingzhu said that Gree killed Xiaomi in minutes by making cell phones

    Dong Mingzhu later said in an interview that Xiaomi has entered the real estate industry, so his 1 billion yuan bet with Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi, has been cancelled

    But Lei Jun didn't seem to give up, responding to the saying "Xiaomi didn't get involved in real estate."

    In the end, the gamble ended

    It turned out that the director of the program group specially arranged an impromptu "game", but he put Gree's mobile phone on the wave

    Can killing millet in seconds be as simple as sister Dong said? The industry is in a recession

    After learning the Internet thinking, sister Dong has a trend of spreading it to the traditional industry

    Now even the traditional industry has been forced to fight from name calling secretly to name calling publicly

    Not long ago, Gree and Midea, two of China's largest air-conditioning giants, launched a verbal attack because of the "digging incident"

    Fang Hongbo, chairman of Midea Group, said in an interview with the media recently: "as long as it is the person of that enterprise in Zhuhai, we will never use it." However, Fang Hongbo's remark was once again hit back by Dong Mingzhu, chairman of Gree

    "Did you dig people in Zhuhai? It's easy to know if you go to Beijing Hotel (in front of Zhuhai mountain)." In fact, in recent months, many large domestic air-conditioning enterprises have reduced their sales targets for this year due to the bad sales situation

    This quarrel of Gree beauty is just to add a spice to the dismal air-conditioning industry this year

    Seconds away! Compared with the disappearance of Spring Festival tickets and Gree mobile phones, the Internet marketing circle has another word "seconds"

    After the product goes online, it will be snapped up by the user in a second, which is as hot as the spring train ticket

    However, seconds also has many special circumstances, some of which are the marketing gimmicks of Internet companies, and behind them are the brush volume momentum

    In July last year, Taiwan's "fairness committee" issued a ticket of NT $600000 (about 124000 yuan) to Xiaomi, because Xiaomi company falsely reported the quantity of goods when it held a red rice mobile phone online shopping activity in Taiwan last December

    On December 9, 16 and 23, 2013, Taiwan held three waves of online purchasing activities of red rice mobile phones, which respectively opened the purchase of 10000, 10000 and 8000 red rice mobile phones, and finally announced that the sales of these mobile phones were completed in 10 minutes, more than one minute and half a minute

    But in fact, when Xiaomi officially sold out, only 9339, 9492 and 7389 red rice mobile phones were sold

    Not long ago, the bike that was snapped up in one second has also aroused a lot of questions in the industry

    This trick, which was played by millet a few years ago, is now back in the Jianghu? When it comes to the Internet companies' War of words, it has to mention the 3Q war

    Maybe this is also the ancestor of the internet war of words

    In 2012, the two companies staged a series of Internet wars and embarked on the road of litigation due to the "strangling" between their "star products"

    The two sides sued each other for three times, among which Qihu 360 sued Tencent for monopoly, which was particularly noticeable

    Finally, Qihu 360 lost the lawsuit, which was also known as "the first case of Internet anti unfair competition"

    This has also inspired Internet companies to fight for more than one gene

    There are countless wars of words in the Internet circle, such as the 1799 murder in the mobile phone circle

    On September 17, 2014, Zhong Yufei, Xiaomi's new media director, accused himself and his company's official microblog of being "1799"

    Later, Luo Yonghao also came to the door, accusing himself of being harassed frequently by the microblog with "1799", and a drama of Xiaomi hammer beating Meizu began

    From noon to night, the microblog in the science and technology circle was in a fierce battle, which could not stop at all, and even pulled the "five Mao party" out of the water at last

    In fact, the battle of saliva is not Xiaomi's impulsive act

    Some careful Netizens found that Zhong Yufei had foretold the action as early as the day before the incident

    Xiaomi had enough time to stop it, but maybe this was the result Xiaomi wanted

    Xiaomi is worthy of being the originator of Internet company's marketing curse

    In the advanced version of the word of mouth battle, we can't always talk about things with the Mao Zedong party in the advanced version of the word of mouth battle

    We have to have some elements of height

    Xiaomi and LETV talk about things with ecology

    In June this year, Xiaomi Wangchuan launched a microblog query, saying: "the water army of friends and businessmen questioned that we have few free content

    Although we don't bundle annual fees, we have to pay for watching movies

    Here we release the comparison data of free content of Xiaomi TV and all content of friends again

    Even if you don't pay a cent, millet users can watch more than 80% of the content! " This friend refers to LETV

    Two days later, Jia Yueting responded with "true and false content ecology"

    On Weibo, the two sides were very polite, at least "friends and businessmen"

    However, on the following day, Xiaomi took the lead in firing after the press conference and directly called on LETV to shoot

    It is said that the overall content is twice as much as that of LETV

    LETV mode is not ecology, but bonsai

    Get out of hand, slobber and Jia Yueting make complaints about the battle of the water gap, and the line is not enough

    The battle between the spiritual leaders, master Luo Yonghao and the post-80s mobile phone evaluation rookie Wang Ziyi, is believed to impress many people

    On August 1, 2014, Wang Zizi released the smartisan T1 evaluation video

    In the evaluation, Wang Ziyi listed many disadvantages, such as the detachable back cover with screws for hammer mobile phones and the mobile phones that are not the best used in the eastern hemisphere

    Soon after, the two sides had a live confrontation

    Although Luo Yonghao won the debate, many netizens thought that Wang Zili would not lose the battle

    Of course, the fans who don't overlap with each other also have a big integration through this fight

    Of course, the above marketing tactics are still not enough to show the Internet companies' ability and determination to grab the headlines

    Next, there will be more wonderful marketing plays

    Let's move the benches and watch together

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