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    Marketing: is it really good to open a shop in the community? Will consumers accept it?

    • Last Update: 2020-04-03
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    Core tip: there is a store street at the door of our house

    In addition to restaurants, fruit shops, or clothing shops, last year, Leng Buding opened a wall product store integrating paint, wallpaper, wall clothes, art paint, etc

    the area of the store is not small, about 200 square meters

    The location in the store street is good, and the decoration also takes a lot of thought

    The window is also very beautiful and dressed very well Artistic beauty

    For the sake of colleagues, one day when there's nothing to do, just go in and hang out

    This is indeed a wall product store, which is oriented to the community

    The envisaged target customers are the residents of the community, mainly the wall turning Paint agent, top 10 Chinese wall paint brands Recommended introduction: interior wall paint and exterior wall paint can achieve beautiful, clean and pleasant effects, but the effects in different environments are different, so the color of the paint will be different

    There are ten brands of Chinese paint, ten brands of global paint, ten brands of Chinese wall paint, and ten brands of Chinese paint, Famous trademark of Chinese paint and coating

    In private rooms, most of us choose according to our own personality, personal hobbies and living habits

    The younger generation will choose the interior wall paint with rich colors and bright colors, while the older ones will have some working experience Paint House News: there is a shop street at the door of the house

    In addition to restaurants, fruit shops, or clothing shops, last year, lengbuding opened a wall product shop integrating paint, wallpaper, wall clothes, art paint, etc

    the shop area is not small, about 200 square meters, which is better in the shop street

    Decoration Also took a lot of thought, the window is very beautiful, dress very artistic beauty

    For the sake of colleagues, one day when there's nothing to do, just go in and hang out

    This is indeed a wall product store, located in the community, and the envisaged target customers are the residents of the community, mainly the users of wall renovation, or the users of wall decoration needs involved in the new decoration

    There are many kinds of products, such as paint, wallpaper, art paint, etc., but the brand is an unheard of one

    More than 200 square meters in a sample exhibition area, many style types, with furniture, sofa, soft clothes, etc., very professional

    At that time, I specifically asked the shopping guide

    The service type is the integration type of design + product + service

    The price ranges from 50 yuan / square meter to 500 yuan / square meter

    Of course, the main push is the whole house, and there will be some partial wall decoration such as background wall and children's room

    At that time, I really didn't understand why I opened such a shop in the community

    I also repeatedly asked the owner how the business was, and the answer was that it was so hot that I had no time to pick up the order

    At that time, it was also recommended by the enterprises affiliated to the brand to open such stores in the community

    First, the customers in the community were relatively direct, although the coverage was not large, there was little competition, and the service was fast; second, the rent cost was relatively low, which was too low for the decoration city and building materials market This kind of professional decoration product channel store can avoid competition; third, it is opened near the community and can often remind the potential second-hand house owners of wall renovation, so that there is no demand in the original, but there is demand, which greatly improves the order quantity

    Therefore, the boss who invested in joining the brand was convinced of the headquarters, so he changed his original idea of renting this place for catering into joining the wall renovation community store and happily waiting to make a lot of money! However, a few days ago, the shop was closed, and the words "sublease" were pasted on the door

    It shouldn't be

    What a good business model, what a great product, what a good shop location, how could it end in less than a year? The wechat of the shopkeeper was added before, and the reason was asked

    The shopkeeper was full of bitterness and told the truth

    In fact, the passenger flow into the shop was very small

    Sometimes, almost a day, no one came in

    After that, they also pushed the floor of the community, and came to the door for free to diagnose the damage of the wall

    But after the price was quoted, most of the customers were not satisfied with the price

    Some of them felt uneasy We believe that brands that we haven't heard of will still find some big brands even if there is demand

    The reason is that the rate of entering the store is low and the conversion rate of sales orders is low

    When we add the two together, the result is loss

    Let alone the cost of rent

    Even the wages of two employees plus the wages of construction technicians can't afford it

    Compared with the Malatang store next door, the revenue is far worse

    So the owner decided not to do it

    The product is a good product, and there is a lot of demand in the market

    The wall renovation mode of labor and materials contracting can also be accepted by the market, but why is it a bad result? In my opinion, location selection of community stores is the biggest problem in this model

    The model of community stores has not been proved to be successful, and it takes a long time to prove

    In the Chinese market, it may be easier to succeed and lead, unless it has great patience and financial strength

    Although the passenger flow of home furnishing materials market or decoration city has declined compared with the past, on the one hand, it is because the number of such markets is increasing, resulting in the diversion of customers, on the other hand, the impact of e-commerce

    For low-frequency and high-priced products such as wall decoration and wall renovation, consumers don't care much about whether they buy them at home

    The economic cost and time cost are more important for consumers

    Too much emphasis on community stores only saves consumers' time cost

    Other costs have not been reduced

    Even if the brand is not prominent, it is more likely to have a serious impact To consumer insecurity

    But in the decoration city market, it is usually well prepared and can be compared with three stores

    On the premise of ensuring passenger flow, the conversion rate will be higher than that of community stores

    Caution, the development of community stores, may be just icing on the cake at present

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