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    Marketing: let the employees of paint enterprises have an opportunity to be the leading role once a year

    • Last Update: 2020-04-03
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    Core tip: foreign enterprises use chorus to enhance team cohesion, which is not a new way for Chinese enterprises

    In the annual meeting or team display, team dance or chorus is a common project, but what we do may be very different from them, such as they build a special rehearsal room, invite the actors of the song troupe to train their employees, etc This is the thinking difference of corporate culture and team management between China and foreign countries

    The latter respects and excavates the employees' interests further, and is willing to pay more

    It can be seen that both the Japanese and the British enterprises will sing Paint knowledge | precautions for wall paint color selection Recommended introduction: when painting the wall, the owner sometimes has difficulty in choosing what color of the wall paint to paint

    In fact, there is no ugly color in the wall paint, only the disharmonious color matching

    The use of wall color contains the knowledge of health

    Too strong color will stimulate people's perception, make people have a sense of fidgety, affect people's mental health

    Grasp the basic principles of wall color and paint a colorful space

    1、 Wall paint color selection notice 1

    Light color is generally used for the top surface

    Light colors make people feel light, dark colors make people feel heavy

    Usually, the treatment of rooms is from top to bottom, from shallow to deep

    For example, the ceiling and walls of rooms are white and Home of coatings: In fact, this way is not new to Chinese enterprises

    In the annual meeting or team display, there are often team dance or chorus, but what we do may be very different from them

    For example, they build a special rehearsal room, invite the actors of the song troupe to train their employees, etc

    it can be seen that this is Chinese and foreign The two countries have different ideas on corporate culture and team management

    The latter respects and digs the interests of employees further and is willing to pay more

    It can be seen that in both Japan and the UK, for example, they choose the chorus content as elegant music, which is also the subtle influence of business leaders on the music taste of employees

    As the last paragraph of the news said: participating in the chorus may discover a long-term sleeping ability of oneself, which may be the biggest motivation for the new people who are afraid to join the chorus

    For example, in recent years, the popular civilian talent show in China is actually a beauty talent show that follows the trend of foreign countries

    We are used to the amazing sounds of nature made by some ordinary people in ordinary jobs and plain faces

    They have recovered their self-confidence by playing songs and showed their ordinary value to people

    Perhaps the significance of the enterprise's construction of employee chorus is just a passing ball and the least noticeable link in the enterprise management, but for the employees, the enterprise has risen to a level of humanistic care

    With the progress of enterprise management, it is found that "scientific management" which regards people as tools is not suitable for today's reality more and more

    Some people in the industry have proposed that enterprise management is scientific management plus humanistic management

    Seeing the above two news, I have firmed my recognition of this concept

    The enterprise is never a person fighting, but a group of people working

    Organizing a group of people is not so simple as arranging a group of devices together

    This is because people have ideas, consciousness, personality, different psychological needs and personal preferences

    Then, enterprise management must conform to human nature, and organize and coordinate people with different personalities, so as to complete specific tasks or achieve specific goals

    When an enterprise wants to accomplish a specific task or goal, it will have performance appraisal, sort and classify its employees, and it will be advanced and backward, which will result in an artificial level

    Those with slow progress or poor performance will have a sense of loss and psychological pressure But these emotional problems can not be effectively dredged, will destroy the unity of the organization, will cause psychological estrangement between employees

    If it exists for a long time, it will destroy the vitality of the organization and reduce the work efficiency

    Since the industrial revolution, people have been exploring how to reduce the psychological damage of machinery and equipment to human beings, and how to reduce the efficiency decline caused by human psychological factors

    Unfortunately, due to the sufficient labor resources, the concern for human beings or the satisfaction of human psychological needs has not been paid enough attention to by business owners

    Today in the 21st century, when the demographic dividend is about to disappear in China, Chinese people finally realize that ordinary workers are also a force that can not be ignored, even a very important force

    The respect for their psychological needs can no longer be ignored as before

    The government advocates that ordinary workers should live in dignity

    The 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China just held put forward the plan of doubling national income, which has never been raised to a higher level

    If in the workplace, the work unit is not respected, there is no spiritual comfort, happiness can not be talked about

    The respect of ordinary workers must and can only be obtained from work

    It has become the call of the times to liberate people from the vassal of machines and take the satisfaction of people's mind as the top priority of the work unit

    To let ordinary workers enjoy happiness and gain dignity from their work has become the first work that must be considered by business owners

    How to make employees work with dignity, how to enhance team cohesion, the above two news has undoubtedly made a good example, which is worth learning from Chinese small and medium-sized enterprises

    Here, I also share with you some of my practices and experiences in enterprise management

    Let every employee play a leading role once a year - it's my deepest feeling when I work in state-owned enterprises! When I was in the third tier military enterprise, there was a Master Cheng who had been a worker all his life

    In that era when relationships were popular, when workers were old, they could be assigned to logistics or management posts to enjoy several years of "relaxed" treatment before retiring

    Because of no relationship or trust, Master Cheng became the only retired employee in the factory

    The reason why I remember him is that he plays the leading role in the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first month of each year

    He is the host of the literary and art activities that day - the commander in chief of lion dancing, Yangko dancing and dragon lantern playing! On that day and that night, Master Cheng was in high spirits, full of energy, high spirited and elegant

    He was the center of the whole activity! Twenty years after leaving the third tier factory, Master Cheng's most outstanding figure is still dancing in front of my eyes, and the most lively and unforgettable day for the employees of enterprises in the mountain area is still clearly flashing in my mind

    If a person in a unit has no place to be praised and no scene to be proud of him, how can he live with dignity? How to live in a position? How to integrate into the team? Although I have been away from the state-owned enterprise for 20 years, I have participated in collective activities, tourism, various competitions, writing or poetry competitions in the state-owned enterprise, and many colleagues are still clearly printed in my mind

    Model workers are only individuals, advanced workers are also a few, most of them are ordinary people, but ordinary people have their own strengths and advantages

    Collective activities enable them to show, let them have places to be proud of, and let them have reasons to work or live in this unit

    Because they can say to others: I'm the champion of table tennis, I'm the master of playing cards, I'm the champion of chess, and I'm the athlete

    We have found that it is easier and closer for those who have dealt with each other in collective activities to cooperate and coordinate in their work

    In a large enterprise, there is a lot of inter factory communication

    When leaders select personnel, they often think about what activities XXX has dealt with employees of another factory - because they are "good at talking" - easy to communicate

    When I first came to work as an administrative manager in an enterprise with more than 3000 employees in the south, I found that the number of employees in each factory (workshop) did not match

    Some factories had more employees, and they often completed tasks ahead of time

    Some factories had fewer employees, and they always lagged behind in completing tasks

    I'd like to adjust the balance, but I always run into resistance from the factory director

    I managed to get through with the work of the factory directors, and the employees were not happy - they were afraid to go to the new factory to be bullied, to reduce wages, and never to return, to lose their familiar jobs

    When I became general manager, in order to break the barriers between various departments and factories, I organized various collective activities, such as tug of war competition, basketball competition, table tennis competition, karaoke competition, essay competition, corporate culture slogan competition, as well as chess competition, checkers competition, poker competition, May 1st, 11th, new year's day, Spring Festival and art performance competition

    A series of competition activities not only shorten the distance between the employees of each factory, but also increase the team cohesion of the whole enterprise

    It's easy for me to make temporary adjustments, and the staff are willing to cooperate

    We not only compete internally, but also often organize employees to carry out sports competitions with employees of neighboring enterprises, which not only harmonizes the relationship with employees of surrounding enterprises, but also improves the pride of employees of the enterprise

    All of these are borrowed from the mass cultural and sports activities of state-owned enterprises

    It can not only make the employees feel proud, but also greatly enhance the cohesion of the enterprise, improve the working efficiency and improve the quality of products

    I have no doubt about it

    At this stage, coating enterprises: if they want to speed up, they will not reach the level of chemical industry

    They will strictly control the emission of air pollutants

    What is the model that coating enterprises can learn from? Sam's club model

    After sales service of coatings will be maximized

    Consumers or "buy" and have deep feelings

    How can small and medium-sized coating enterprises make use of the Spring Festival holiday to consume? O2o or coating e-commerce is another pit Paint industry integrates into the development of the Internet to promote the prosperity of the industry

    Paint marketing: not all paint products are suitable for holiday marketing

    Experiential marketing mode ------ you price it

    Micro marketing opens the era of precision marketing

    Paint enterprise culture, focusing on thinking

    The eight strategies for online marketing of paint enterprises are paint home, which focuses on paint, diatom mud and paint paint, Coating technology, fire retardant coating news and coating, diatom mud, paint coating, coating technology, decoration knowledge and decoration effect map of fire retardant coating,
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