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    Marketing: Li Zhiqi: "5 + 1" effective investment promotion mode

    • Last Update: 2020-04-03
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    Core tip: investment promotion is the first marketing of an enterprise

    We need to understand the investment promotion behavior from the strategic level of the enterprise

    The dealers we are facing today are industry experts, even more professional than many enterprises

    They often have to contact many similar enterprises at the same time

    How to persuade the dealers is often the first step of a successful marketing

    Enterprises attracting investment and going to the Lost City As a means of establishing competitive advantage, investment promotion could make enterprises occupy the market quickly, but in fact, it has entered a dilemma, many enterprises are trapped in the city

    On the one hand, it's overwhelming Which is the price of Dajin diatom mud Recommended brief introduction: which is the price of Dajin diatom mud? How to buy genuine diatom mud? Guangdong diatom mud agent suggests placing a basin of cold water in the air conditioning room, so that the diatom mud wall can breathe effectively

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    It is suggested to place a basin of cold water in the air conditioning room, so that the wall of diatom mud can breathe effectively

    The feature of the wall that can breathe is obvious

    When the indoor air is relatively dry, the wall of diatom mud will absorb the water Paint Home News: investment promotion is the first marketing of an enterprise

    We need to understand the investment promotion behavior from the strategic level of the enterprise

    The dealers we are facing today are industry experts, even more professional than many enterprises

    They often have to contact many similar enterprises at the same time

    How to persuade the dealers is often the first step of successful marketing

    As a means of establishing competitive advantage, enterprises' investment promotion can make them occupy the market quickly

    However, at present, investment promotion has entered a dilemma, many enterprises are trapped in the city

    On the one hand, it's a huge number of commercial advertisements, focusing on both size and brow

    For example, in 2002, there was a cable TV station in more than 20 provincial capital cities across the country to attract investment through TV feature films

    Before the products were listed, the investment fee had already spent 35 million yuan

    On the one hand, it's the same advertising words, and the familiar slogans are always echoed in our ears: "create a new generation of super rich", "achieve 100 millionaires", "create the miracle of XX industry"

    For the first time, some people will believe these words

    If you say them several times more, you will be skeptical

    In the case of many enterprises competing for eyeballs, how to jump out of the numerous advertisements and let dealers and industry partners see it is a very important issue

    However, the misleading problems in many enterprises' investment promotion behaviors, the single and identical investment promotion forms and methods, and the lack and dislocation of the dialogue platform between the supply and marketing parties lead to the narrower and narrower road of investment promotion: the investment promotion enterprises think that this way is unreasonable, the cost is too high, and the effect is very poor; the dealers no longer believe in the information of investment promotion, and think that investment promotion is money enclosure

    What is the problem of investment promotion, which leads to the serious imbalance of supply and demand, and the communication mechanism between the two sides of the manufacturer can not be equal? A good auction product can quickly complete channel construction and fund collection through auction

    In the current situation of product homogeneity, it is difficult to find such a product or concept, "auction" is less and less likely

    No matter how good the product is, the experience is not as good as the personal experience

    It is a very effective way for a product to let dealers and people around you complete this experience, so as to strengthen their confidence in the product

    Taking advantage of the cumulative effect of the original products, the potential new products are used

    Under the support of some advantageous resources, it is a good way to integrate the original advantages and let it focus on new product investment services

    The investment of Haiwang colostrum is very successful

    The model type creates the model market and provides the operation mode for dealers

    The power of example is infinite

    If there are several solid and successful samples in hand, the achievements and operation experience of the model market will dispel the dealers' doubts and make them have firm confidence in the market

    The large-scale investment and propaganda of sweeping type set off a climax within a certain range

    The premise is that the enterprise must have the strength, under the good capital background of the enterprise, if it can set off a climax, it can also succeed

    But this method should not be used without focus, and the beard and eyebrows should be grasped together

    Public relations integration of various social resources for their own use

    For example, in August 2002, Jiangsu Phoenix Group held the "seminar on healthy drinking water for urban residents in China" in Wuxi, during which there were both seminars and investment promotion meetings for enterprises

    It caused a lot of repercussions

    In a short period of time, we will complete the investment attraction of all markets

    For example, the investment promotion of mandobel insoles completed the investment promotion of all markets in one month

    The advertising type frequently publishes investment promotion advertisements in the mass media

    According to different styles of media, according to its readers, we can organically combine various versions of the investment promotion advertisements

    Event type links a product to a hot event

    Make use of everyone's concern for hot events to attract attention cleverly

    The participants will invite investment through exhibitions and fairs

    In this way, if an enterprise can achieve its own momentum, it will have a better influence than the investment attraction at the meeting site

    Integrated investment promotion is regarded as a systematic project and a strategic issue, and various marketing means are used in the whole process of investment promotion

    Including the integration of the enterprise's own resources, the help of social forces, and so on, can become the methods and means in the investment promotion

    If an enterprise's investment promotion behavior is handled properly, its effect will be multiplied

    The reason lies in the lack of understanding and attention of enterprises to investment promotion, which leads to the following misunderstandings: 1

    Lack of overall planning

    A good product should be able to attract investment in a relatively short time

    If the business invitation has been for a long time, it is not the product itself, or the business invitation work of the enterprise is not well planned

    Myth 2: advertising is too dependent

    Think that advertising is the only means, only through advertising to complete their own expansion, can not find a better way

    Myth 3: don't give up advertising

    In contrast to the previous point, many enterprises send a large number of marketing personnel to check the chassis and determine their dealers, never advertising

    Myth 4: advertising is the same

    Error 5: short-sighted investment

    Taking investment promotion as speculation, I think that as long as the goods are transferred to the dealer's warehouse, it will be all right to complete the return of funds

    This kind of investment invitation has a great trouble

    The goods of dealers can't be sold completely in the market

    The impact on the investment enterprises is fatal

    Myth 6: lack of communication platform

    Most of the time, dealers can only understand the situation of enterprises through investment promotion advertisements and investment promotion information

    Both parties can not sit together and talk with each other, nor have the opportunity to go deep into an enterprise to understand the background, efficacy and strength of each other's products

    Without in-depth communication between the two sides as support, blind decision-making to choose a product or distributor is very risky

    Error seven: single investment model

    Many enterprises only see one or two investment promotion methods, but can not operate systematically, and complete investment promotion through cooperation of all aspects

    Some business promotion versions of enterprises have not changed their selling points and appeal points in a year, and the whole marketing plan has not changed

    This way can not fully show the corporate image and strength to dealers

    Myth 8: eat all kinds of fresh food

    Sticking to the past experience is not good for subsequent investment promotion

    After the new product series is put forward, enterprises should make bold innovations and try new things on the basis of previous experience and lessons

    Myth 9: lack of unified layout

    The consumption capacity of each city is different

    If we grasp the beard and eyebrows, provincial capital level cities, prefecture level cities, and small county-level cities, if we want to solve problems at the same time, we can't grasp the dealers we want

    Moreover, the influence of a county-level market and a provincial market, a central city and a non central city is totally different

    Myth 10: lack of continuity effect

    In a limited period of time, enterprises can only complete the first phase of investment promotion, and then they have to continue to deepen and refine the marketing market and other follow-up investment promotion work

    For example, if the marketing network is built to each prefecture level city or even each region, can they grasp the follow-up market segments after completing the first phase and the second phase of investment promotion? This problem should also be solved

    External brain, how to integrate and innovate the decisive way for enterprises to attract investment? How to plan and organize events? How to determine the dealer policy When enterprises are faced with so many investment problems, due to the use of a variety of professional means and tools, investment can not only rely on the internal strength of enterprises to complete to a large extent, it needs to introduce external brain cooperation

    For example, the two important elements of investment promotion -- effective, operable, integrated marketing strategies and professional, well planned investment promotion teams -- are difficult to support by many enterprises' internal resources

    As a systematic marketing project, investment promotion needs to find the means and supporting points of investment promotion from all aspects, and needs the cooperation of the whole investment promotion industry chain

    In this industry chain, the front-end is the enterprises that want to attract investment

    The second link is the professional service institutions for attracting investment

    The third link is the media and the fourth link is the dealers

    If each link can not achieve value-added, the information transmitted from the enterprise will decline or even disappear

    The two very important links in this chain are investment promotion service institutions and investment promotion media

    Relying on their own professional capabilities and core resource advantages, professional investment promotion service institutions can help enterprises to analyze the market more clearly, make more perfect investment promotion layout, and solve the dealer's confidence problem more pertinently; while the mainstream investment promotion media gather a large number of professional reader resources, which is the focus of the industry itself

    What is the way to attract investment? There are three points worth noting: first, mentality determines success or failure

    The era of profiteering has come to an end

    Operating with profiteering mentality will certainly not succeed

    We should consider the average profit of the industry; secondly, the best is the right one

    The best dealers in the industry and the dealers who help the enterprise the most are not the biggest ones in the local area, but the ones that are most suitable for the enterprise, because they are not big enough to be sincere with the enterprise

    Third, integrity lays a win-win situation

    Since we plan to "marry" with dealers, we should show our family background

    The way to attract business is still the way to be human

    Only when both sides set their own positions, can cooperation win

    In terms of methods, under the specific national conditions of China, how can enterprises operate to improve the effect of investment promotion? Based on 8 years of market service experience, we have summed up a business model, namely "5 + 1 effective business model"

    "5 + 1" mode is a systematic integrated marketing, which can help enterprises better convey their own voice, and can also help dealers learn more about enterprises

    The previous "5" refers to a replicable model market, a successful news dissemination, a large-scale public relations activity
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