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    Marketing: paint marketing: exploring paint marketing in the era of big data

    • Last Update: 2020-04-03
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    Core tip: in recent years, the word "big data" has become popular in the global network

    There is no denying that the world has entered the era of big data

    So what should paint companies do in the era of big data? First, let's understand what big data is

    Paint agent, top 10 Chinese wall paint brands Recommended introduction: interior wall paint and exterior wall paint can achieve beautiful, clean and pleasant effects, but the effects in different environments are different, so the color of the paint will be different

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    In private rooms, most of us choose according to our own personality, personal hobbies and living habits

    The younger generation will choose the interior wall paint with rich colors and bright colors, while the older ones will have some working experience Home of coatings news: in recent years, the word "big data" is popular in the global network

    There is no denying that the world has entered the era of big data

    So what should paint companies do in the era of big data? First, let's understand what big data is

    Big data, or huge amount of data, refers to the information that is too large to be retrieved, managed, processed and sorted out in a reasonable time by current mainstream software tools to help enterprises make more positive decisions

    Big data "is a massive, high growth rate and diversified information asset that needs new processing mode to have stronger decision-making power, insight and discovery power and process optimization ability

    The strategic significance of big data technology is not to master huge data information, but to professionalize these meaningful data

    In other words, if big data is compared to an industry, the key to the profitability of this industry is to improve the "processing ability" of data and realize the "value-added" of data through "processing"

    Big data can provide coating companies with not only cold data, but also information such as market trend and consumption trend predicted by the data

    For the coating enterprises, the consumer behavior and consumption habits largely influence the R & D direction and marketing strategy of the coating products, and the understanding of the consumers of the coating enterprises comes from the analysis of the "big data" of the consumers

    In essence, big data marketing is the ultimate performance of returning to consumers and taking consumers as the base

    In the era of "standing in the tuyere pig can fly", the R & D and production of coating enterprises are divorced from the market, ignoring the needs of consumers and blindly imitating competitors

    For example, Nippon has launched "2 and 1" coating products, which are favored by consumers due to their good performance and moderate price

    This success has attracted a lot of imitators, resulting in a flood of "3 in 1", "5 and 1" and other series of products in the market, but most of them are not performing well, and a few of them leave the market

    With the increasingly fierce competition in the paint market, the stagnant or even sharp decline in performance makes many enterprises realize the serious consequences of ignoring consumers

    So big data comes into being in the Internet era

    Big data can help paint companies to achieve differentiated product production and marketing

    In fact, in the era of big data under the background of Internet, the core competitiveness of enterprises will also come from big data in the future

    Only by mastering big data can we truly and timely grasp the core needs of consumers and snowball trends, so as to carry out personalized accurate marketing

    Under the background of Internet, many coating enterprises have joined the ranks of e-commerce, but their purpose is to sell products or display the image of enterprises and products, as an important supplement to the sales channels

    Few enterprises make good use of e-commerce to mine the value of big data

    We know that when users log in to the e-commerce platform, they will leave information data

    For example, his mobile phone, address, webpage he browsed, what product he bought, what he paid for, and who he shared it with

    These data are listed in the coating enterprise for prediction and decision-making

    When the key to big data is data mining, effective data mining can produce high-quality information prediction

    Therefore, paint industry must build its own big data platform

    Through the establishment of big data platform, close to consumers

    Collect and analyze consumers' information and preferences, make point-to-point sales, and analyze consumer demand to develop new products

    It can be said that big data really makes consumers an important part of the whole sales process, not just the end of sales

    The existence of big data makes marketing go deep into everyone, that is, marketing is more accurate, making it possible for personalized precision marketing

    In this rapidly changing information age, the biggest challenge for coating enterprises is how to face and make use of these seemingly static, isolated, and meaningless information data, establish their own information departments, effectively use and integrate data, mine valuable information, and provide decision support for the company's marketing management

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