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    Marketing: paint Marketing -- how to choose promotional gifts

    • Last Update: 2020-04-03
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    Paint knowledge | precautions for wall paint color selection Recommended introduction: when painting the wall, the owner sometimes has difficulty in choosing what color of the wall paint to paint

    In fact, there is no ugly color in the wall paint, only the disharmonious color matching

    The use of wall color contains the knowledge of health

    Too strong color will stimulate people's perception, make people have a sense of fidgety, affect people's mental health

    Grasp the basic principles of wall color and paint a colorful space

    1、 Wall paint color selection notice 1

    Light color is generally used for the top surface

    Light colors make people feel light, dark colors make people feel heavy

    Usually, the treatment of rooms is from top to bottom, from shallow to deep

    For example, the ceiling and walls of rooms are white and Home of coatings news: with the arrival of the double 11, more and more e-commerce and stores have joined in the competitive team of promotional activities, including coating businesses; however, many businesses are struggling with the strength of promotional activities, and there is not much effort in the innovation and details of promotional activities

    The frequent promotion activities and the lack of changes in the form of promotion not only make the merchants fall into the situation of "losing money and making calls", but also make the customers have no choice

    This article only talks about how to choose the topic of promotional gifts to share some humble opinions with you in order to attract your attention

    To choose promotional gifts, we should pay attention to the following five points: first, to shape the value of gifts no matter what kind of gifts you give to customers or what purpose you give them to customers, one of the preconditions is never to equate giving gifts with giving customers discounts and price reductions

    If you take this attitude to give gifts, it will be troublesome

    Gifts are not the reason for customers to buy, but the reason for customers to buy more, more expensive and faster

    Then, our gift selection requires that the sales staff can shape the value of the gift for different customers

    My basic attitude towards giving promotional gifts is to either not give them away, and to give them away, we must give them value so that customers can't let go

    2、 The value of gifts that can promote emotion is used to enlarge

    If it only highlights the practical function of gifts, then we have reason to believe that many gift customers will not like it

    If you want to send something, you need to send something out of the emotional function, which is different from the competitors

    What people are paying attention to now, of course, is the concept of environmental protection, health and energy conservation

    In the haze prone weather, customers may prefer to send gas masks

    3、 The third principle that gifts can prompt the selection of gifts is to be able to prompt the goods

    The so-called prompt goods means that through gifts, customers can remember what your home is selling

    By giving advertising gifts, when consumers feel that there are more and more benefits to induce the purchase, they can expand the brand advertising effect through the use of advertising gifts by consumers, so as to double promote sales

    For example, those who sell cars will send car vacuum cleaners, those who sell tea will send tea cups, and those who sell paint will send tools (roller, brush, tray, color separation paper, sandpaper, etc.)

    They must remember that what they sell is to send products that have memory points and are related to commodities

    Association can be found in terms of products and gifts; it can also be found in terms of store terminals, such as souvenirs for store celebrations, other gifts engraved with store characters, etc.; it can also be found in terms of seasonality, such as the present considered gifts, such as warm hand treasure, thermos cup and other winter gifts; of course, it can also be found in terms of local conditions from other perspectives

    Here, Xiaobian thinks that the choice of gifts does not have to be related to the products sold, but there must be a proper reason, that is, what kind of gifts should be given should have a proper "gimmick", so that customers can feel that after buying promotional products, they can also stack up to get other auxiliary functions

    4、 In addition to the emotional function and value shaping mentioned above, the practical value should not be underestimated

    In the promotion of coatings, most of the purpose of buying coatings and delivering coatings is to promote a kind of coating product "buy" or "give away", and realize the purpose of promoting new products through the sales of best-selling products and new products; at the same time, another purpose of buying coatings and delivering coatings may be to reduce the consumption cost of coatings for consumers, so as to produce the psychological compensation effect of similar discounts and promote Purchase transaction

    There is no limit to the goods you can buy as gifts

    Depending on the actual situation, there are common gifts such as "similar products", "primer", "new products", etc

    which can't be more practical

    5、 The quality of gifts should also be excellent, so we don't need to talk about it too much

    We should do our best, or we should not do it at all

    Many dealer owners spend a lot of money on all kinds of promotional activities, but they drop the chain at the most critical time, cut corners on the selection of gifts, and go to buy some rough gifts for customers

    This is greedy for small things and great losses

    Even if the customer impulsively buys from you this time, he will tell his friends about the unpleasant shopping experience

    Moreover, with the Internet so developed, word-of-mouth is the most important thing

    If you want to do long-term business, you need to do sales promotion seriously and be good at it

    It seems simple to buy and give promotions, but there is a lot to do in reality

    The gifts are not good enough to arouse the interest and enthusiasm of customers

    Just like little rabbit fishing with radish, the customers you like don't necessarily like it

    Remember, promotional gifts to choose customers like, a promotional activity first to study promotional objects, and then to design a reasonable promotional activity, so that we can get twice the result with half the effort

    Key words: paint marketing promotional gifts corporate culture is the fundamental embodiment of the value of the paint enterprise similar information on microbial degradation of water-based paint brand and market become two major concerns of jade paint dealers in 2017! Paint marketing: suck up "no customer service"

    I hope you are not one of them: paint marketing: not marketing, but you too low

    Paint marketing: paint brand agency lending service upgrade machine to break through the dilemma

    Jade stone lacquer marketing season is coming soon

    The enterprises need to prepare for Yu stone paint enterprises to do well in marketing, content is king? • the younger consumption of jade paint market is an inevitable trend

    Jade paint marketing: wechat marketing of jade paint enterprises is the most important one for consumers

    How do dealers think of this year's "double 11"? The blue ocean campaign of coating e-commerce or the "opening and tearing" of coating home is focused on coating, diatom mud, paint coating, coating process, news and coating of fire retardant coating, diatom mud, paint coating, coating process, decoration knowledge and decoration effect map of fire retardant coating,
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