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    Marketing: paint pioneer phase II:

    • Last Update: 2020-04-03
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    Core tip: the characteristics of leaders often play an important role in the development of enterprises

    In recent years, Terence brand has made great strides in the tooling market, winning many projects successively in Guangdong, Fujian, Hunan, Guizhou, Guangxi and other provinces

    It can be said that Wu Chuanrong's marketing strategy has made great contributions

    Wu Chuanrong, director of coatings marketing in Germany, said that the Chinese market is a brand new start

    For entrepreneurship, it is very important to find out the market positioning, which is related to the survival of enterprises in the early stage

    The second is to have a dream

    Some time ago, everyone was talking about the Chinese dream

    I think it is necessary to start a business Paint knowledge | precautions for wall paint color selection Recommended introduction: when painting the wall, the owner sometimes has difficulty in choosing what color of the wall paint to paint

    In fact, there is no ugly color in the wall paint, only the disharmonious color matching

    The use of wall color contains the knowledge of health

    Too strong color will stimulate people's perception, make people have a sense of fidgety, affect people's mental health

    Grasp the basic principles of wall color and paint a colorful space

    1、 Wall paint color selection notice 1

    Light color is generally used for the top surface

    Light colors make people feel light, dark colors make people feel heavy

    Usually, the treatment of rooms is from top to bottom, from shallow to deep

    For example, the ceiling and walls of rooms are white and Home of coatings news: the characteristics of leaders often play a crucial role in the development of enterprises

    In recent years, Terence brand has made great strides in the tooling market, winning many projects successively in Guangdong, Fujian, Hunan, Guizhou, Guangxi and other provinces

    It can be said that Wu Chuanrong's marketing strategy has made great contributions

    Wu Chuanrong, director of coatings marketing in Germany, said that the Chinese market is a brand new start

    For entrepreneurship, it is very important to find out the market positioning, which is related to the survival of enterprises in the early stage

    The second is to have a dream

    Some time ago, everyone was talking about the Chinese dream

    I think entrepreneurship must have a dream, because dreams can support you to make your dreams come true with such a power and passion

    Recently, the reporter of "Tu Ying Tian Xia" had the honor to interview Mr

    Wu Chuanrong, the marketing director of duluxi coatings, and asked him to talk about some views on the current tooling market, as well as some successful marketing methods

    By combing some successful experiences of duluxi in the tooling market, he shared them with friends of the vast number of dealers

    Reporter: Hello, Mr

    Wu! Thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to accept the exclusive interview of Tu yingtianxia

    First of all, how is the overall market performance of Terence coatings this year? President Wu: the construction industry has an increasing impact on the national economy

    Although the state has issued a series of policies on purchase and loan restrictions, a large number of indemnificatory housing has been added at the same time, which has driven the growth of rigid requirements of the whole paint market

    The trend of civilian oriented exquisite life will appear

    In addition, the owners of indemnificatory housing are purchasing household building materials When products are more rational, their preferences will affect the future development of the paint market

    The purpose of house purchase is changed from investment or speculation to residence

    The concept of consumption is changed from the pursuit of famous brands and famous brands to the pursuit of personality and taste and energy consumption Under the influence of the crisis, the price of chemical raw materials keeps rising

    Enterprises seek for new raw materials to replace and develop new products in a targeted way

    In today's fierce competition, they can create new highlights for products and capture the part of their own consumers, so that enterprises can grow from small to large, from weak to strong

    Reporter: in 2012, German drench coatings made good achievements in the field of tooling market, especially in Guizhou, Fujian, Hunan and other provinces

    Do you have any successful experience to share with us? Mr

    Wu: in the face of a strong opponent, many people have retreated in the face of difficulties, but Terence chose to go up in the face of difficulties, constantly tap the strengths and weaknesses of the other party, conduct in-depth analysis, develop its own strengths, introduce new technologies, constantly innovate products, adhere to speaking with product quality, and increase service

    Reporter: according to the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, there will be a market demand of 5-6 million guarantee houses to be built in 2013, but it is not easy to win the "big cake" of the tooling market

    Excuse me, how does Terence paint stand out in the competition? What is your core competitiveness? President Wu: the state vigorously promotes the construction of indemnificatory housing, highlighting the major adjustment of the central government's core thinking on the development of real estate

    The housing supply is parallel to commercial housing and indemnificatory housing, and the rigid requirements of the whole housing market are still very large

    Due to the characteristics of the domestic construction market, there have been many competitors for a long time, each with its own channels

    Terence has built multi-channel sales, with the help of the advantages of each dealer , increase investment, break through the situation, and focus on the development of residential commercial real estate in the county-level regional market

    Reporter: at present, in addition to the interior and exterior wall coating, texture coating, real stone paint and other series, Terence has also launched the waterproof coating, what do you think of the current market prospect of waterproof coating in China? Mr

    Wu: with the improvement of people's living standards and the increasing awareness of environmental protection, the market prospect of multifunctional waterproof coating will be bright

    Moreover, with the introduction of water-based and environmentally friendly polymer coatings in foreign countries and the demand of waterproof coatings market in China, water-based polymer coatings will get further attention and development The high-performance waterproof coating is made by adding active chemical catalyst into the carrier for modification

    The advantage is that it will not discharge pollutants in the production, construction and application process, meeting the environmental protection requirements

    In addition, the development of multi-functional waterproof coating is also a must for manufacturers

    In the coming period, the development of new varieties of waterproof coatings in China will be the development of high performance and multi-functional coatings, including aluminum emulsion reflective coatings and white polyacrylate reflective coatings, which can not only reflect the sun and ultraviolet rays, but also reduce the temperature of building structures and prolong the service life of coatings

    Type A, reflective type and waterproof coating will be valued and welcomed

    Reporter: the tooling market in different places presents different characteristics

    How does your company deal with such regional differences? Mr

    Wu: first of all, we should do a good job in market research and market segmentation

    Then, we should work out feasible plans from the best to the worst, with goals, and put them into practice step by step

    Only by choosing the right people can we do a good job

    In the early stage, we have repeated communication and investigation

    It has been proved that dealers have the strength, thinking and execution, and can make a lot of money Money, live a good life, the brand can be promoted at a high speed

    Reporter: in the face of the new year 2013, what is the development focus of Terence coating? What are your expectations and plans for the development of Terence coatings? Around this goal, what new actions will drench paint take in brand building and market promotion? Mr

    Wu: in 2012, Terence will systematically improve the terminal market store upgrading construction

    In the past year, the economic growth has declined, mainly due to the investment decline

    After the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the new government leadership will not let the economy continue to decline

    The introduction of new policies will promote the rapid recovery of the overall economy

    I am very confident in next year's economy

    The economic environment of next year will change no matter how It will not be worse than this year

    Tens of thousands of billions of national policies will surely have a great pull on the local economy

    Domestic demand will be stimulated by policies

    Comprehensive urban and rural transformation will be carried out as a whole, and rapid progress will be made in county and township construction

    This is an immutable trend

    Terence's efforts in 2012 laid the foundation for the market strategy in 2013

    With the coverage of professional brands to the public and the national market, the national policy vigorously constructs guarantee houses, which brings new opportunities to the construction coating enterprises

    The whole people advocate a well-off life

    This is an era when people want to have a good life and pursue an ideal way of life

    It is also an era full of cragginess and wisdom

    One of your choices may become an era or be abandoned by the era

    In the end, we are looking forward to a good society, a good life and a good life

    In 2013, we will make a bold choice

    With strong technology innovation and brand strategy, Terence will make franchisees at all levels of the country full of passion, boost confidence and win benefits

    Reporter: Thank you, Mr

    Wu, for accepting our exclusive interview

    Relevant links: "without the existence of a group of high-quality small and medium-sized enterprises, there will be no further development of Chinese national brands" in the column of "paint venture state", which can be considered to some extent

    Because any big enterprise is developed from small and medium-sized enterprises, and any brand starts from small and medium-sized enterprises

    In 1992, when Libangqi first came into China, it was a small colorful buttock advertisement on the Bund of Shanghai; in 1995, when Ma Yun joined the Internet and sold his "China Yellow Pages" everywhere, he was once regarded as a liar; in 1998, when everyone had 500000 people to buy houses, Ma Huateng founded Tencent with 500000; in 2002, Hong Jie founded three trees from scratch, and in 2011, he took the lead in going public In 2004, Liu qiangdong founded Jingdong shopping mall

    At that time, Suning appliances, which was "in the sun", did not look at it directly

    In 2011, the online retail sales of Jingdong shopping mall reached 30 billion, leaving 5.9 billion Suning e-commerce far behind Practice has also proved that in this era of market-oriented competition law, the power of small and medium-sized enterprises should not be ignored

    Now the coating industry is faced with the pattern of "big shuffle"

    Whoever is self-contained, who will be eliminated in the waves, who is determined to forge ahead, who will gradually become stronger and bigger

    "Paint wins the world" under its "paint entrepreneurial state" column, focusing on new and cutting-edge paint brands and sharing success stories

    The role of emotional intelligence and belief in the sales of coatings on the role of technical services in the sales of coatings? • is the life of paint dealers forced to persist or to leave? How to build the development and distribution channels for paint agents? China's paint companies and paint agents face many problems

    How does Master Ali "activate" the art paint market in a short time? Why should paint agents attach importance to the support of manufacturers? • is it really good to open a shop in the community? Will consumers accept it? • the more Gabrielle does, the more she gets angry! Dorothy is still in May Day! This is Nao

    This Tu enterprise is married to "Yanxing Ganlu"! Is it true? Home of coatings focuses on coatings, diatom mud, paint coating, coating technology, fire retardant coating news and coating, diatom mud, paint coating, coating technology, decoration knowledge and decoration effect map of fire retardant coating,
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