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    Marketing: Perplexity and way out of marketing in architectural coatings enterprises

    • Last Update: 2020-04-03
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    Core tip: after the WTO, foreign large-scale multinational coating enterprises have been driving into the Chinese market, especially the coatings giants ICI and Nippon, which have taken root in China in the early years, are rapidly setting off a round of localization marketing war

    They use integrated communication means (such as advertising, public relations, terminal stores, color mixing Center) to enhance brand influence, rely on strong brand pull to directly affect the end consumers, and seize the retail and wholesale market

    In the face of such a powerful opponent, how should local construction coating enterprises, especially small and medium-sized ones, deal with it Paint knowledge how about Akzo Nobel Powder Coating Recommended introduction: powder coating is a kind of coating with different form from general coating, which is in powder form

    It is a new type of coating, because of its own advantages and more and more known by people

    Let's introduce Akzo Nobel Powder coating

    Akzo Nobel Powder coating is a cost-effective coating solution, which can be applied to different kinds of products

    After the treatment of static electricity and fire baking, a tough and durable coating surface will be formed, with the least impact on the environment

    Since the introduction of this technology, powder coating has been able to continue to maintain the Home of coatings news: after WTO, foreign large-scale multinational coating enterprises have been driving into the Chinese market, especially in the early years of China's "rooting" coating giant ICI, Nippon is rapidly setting off another round of localization marketing war

    They use integrated communication means (such as advertising, public relations, terminal stores, color mixing Center) to enhance brand influence, rely on strong brand pull to directly affect the end consumers, and seize the retail and wholesale market

    In the face of such a strong opponent, how should local construction coating enterprises, especially small and medium-sized construction coating enterprises deal with it? The biggest disadvantage of local construction coating enterprises is the weak capital strength, which makes it difficult to face-to-face brand war with the coating giant

    If it is necessary to compete with the coating giant in the retail market, I'm afraid it can only beat the stone with an egg

    Therefore, some smart enterprises have adopted the strategy of developing their strengths and avoiding their weaknesses in the channel construction: bypassing the direct competition in the retail and wholesale market of coatings, finding a new way to break through the coating engineering market and create the core competitiveness of architectural coatings

    However, as time goes by, traditional channel construction concepts and methods have been unable to meet the development needs of modern (modern decoration renderings) painting engineering market, so that some enterprises sigh why they can't eat the big cake

    According to the research and analysis of domestic well-known coating enterprises, there is a big common ground in the confusion and problems of local coating enterprises in channel construction, which is expected to attract more attention and thinking of construction coating practitioners, especially marketing personnel

    In the process of development, the channel mode of local architectural coatings enterprises will generally go through the following stages: the first stage is the complete dealer system

    Only through distributors to sell products, the enterprise's marketing work is mainly to constantly find dealers; the second stage is the dealer + office

    After finding a suitable dealer, the enterprise will send a regional manager or office director to set up an office to help the dealer operate the market well; the third stage is dealer + office + franchise store

    On the basis of the second stage, the enterprise will establish its own product monopoly shop in the local area; the fourth stage is the complete direct operation system (branch company)

    In this stage, the enterprise cancels the sales channel of the distributor and directly establishes the operation market of the branch company

    Before the channel mode of almost all the local construction coatings enterprises transits to the "full direct operation system", they are inevitably faced with two core problems: first, how to find the right distributors or secondary distributors; second, how to help them develop the engineering market after finding the right distributors or secondary distributors (this paper does not involve the construction coatings retail market)

    What's terrible is that local enterprises often only solve the first problem, and even some enterprises fail to solve it well; as for the second problem, many enterprises can't do anything if they think "it's the business of dealers" or have ideas

    In short, the local construction coating enterprises could have won the competitive opportunity in channel construction, if they didn't care, they might lose it again

    So, how can local construction coating enterprises solve these problems? How can enterprises find suitable distributors / secondary distributors? What does the right dealer mean to the enterprise? The right dealer is like the right wife

    She may not be very rich (economic strength is general), not very beautiful (her appearance is not good, she does not show the mountains and water), has no hot power (social relations are OK but not enough to call the wind and rain), does not have a prominent position (medium influence in the industry), but she is a person who knows how to live (has been stepping on) Do business in a down-to-earth way), a person who has the same ambition and hobbies with you (business philosophy is more consistent with the enterprise), a person who can stay together forever (pay attention to long-term interests and want to grow together with the enterprise), a person who is loyal to you (willing to form a solid strategic alliance with the enterprise), a person who is fully committed to supporting your business (devote all efforts to assist the enterprise in finishing the painting project Market) What do excellent construction coating enterprises expect dealers to do? They are expected to establish a special coating engineering marketing department; they are expected to take the initiative to open up the coating market; they are expected to have a relationship but not totally dependent on the relationship; of course, they are also expected to be consistent with the long-term business philosophy of the enterprise

    Unfortunately, the background of most of the owners of traditional paint shops who could have directly developed into dealers is far from the expectation of the enterprise

    At present, most of these practitioners are people with relatively low cultural quality, who have completed the original accumulation of funds by the rapid growth of building materials industry

    The past successful experience tells them that they can still get rich by waiting for the hare

    Some people realize that it will be difficult to go on like this, but they are worried that their hard-earned money will be washed away by carelessness because no one can help them

    So most of them choose to settle in the status quo or wait for another chance to earn huge profits In short, they have no confidence to take risks

    In addition, some individuals or enterprises are usually considered as potential customers, they have the following characteristics: either they have good social relations; or they can digest part of architectural coatings (decoration companies, Builders) through their own projects; or they are the management functional departments of the construction industry; or they often deal with construction projects but have not been engaged in the management of architectural coatings

    It is important that none of them have fully relied on the experience and ability of purely market-oriented means to develop the coating engineering market

    Therefore, once such prospective customers become dealers, if they can not get the support and guidance of the enterprise, there will be many inherent deficiencies, and the enterprise can only be aware of these problems before they happen

    So, is there a qualified distributor in the market for enterprises to choose? Yes, at least two types of customers can develop into distributors

    One is that the current conditions fully meet the requirements of the enterprise

    The number of such customers is very small, and there are many enterprises that want to find them as dealers, so his requirements for enterprises are very high

    This requires the enterprise to come up with a market plan and practical action that can impress the dealers very much, otherwise it will not succeed

    The other is that the current conditions can not fully meet the requirements of the enterprise, but they have a very advanced management concept, want to grow together with the enterprise, and other basic conditions are appropriate

    Such customers can finally cultivate excellent dealers through support and help

    So how to find the right distributors through effective methods? 1

    Market research

    What we are talking about here is not professional market research, but the methods and strategies that marketers can use to find the right distributors by learning

    If you happen to be sent to a completely blank new market, and your supervisor asks you to find a suitable dealer and use him to open this market, the only thing you can do now is to conduct market research in a limited time

    The main purpose of doing this is to make you have a more perceptual understanding of the market

    You can clearly know which potential customers can be included in your selection, and you can occupy a favorable position when negotiating with the most suitable potential customers


    Provide a market operation plan to the prospective customers to be negotiated with

    With market research, is everything going well? Some marketers do the same, but they are usually limited to discussing with prospective customers how the market will work in the future when negotiating

    As a result, they leave customers with the impression that they can't do it

    It's still difficult for them to gain an advantage in the negotiation

    But what if, after preliminary market research, marketers can analyze the research results and submit a detailed written marketing plan to talk with prospective customers? It's like a young man proposing to a girl with a marriage plan

    The meaning of submitting the plan is: if you choose to marry me, there will be a foreseeable future! Key words: Paint marketing: Yu Heng, President of China Paint Industry Association of small and medium-sized enterprises in China, Germany; paint e-commerce: a "pitfall set" for prudent promotion; paint marketing: brand does not equal to word-of-mouth coating enterprises that need quality to win the cancellation fee; telemarketing is still "promising"; paint news list on May 16 Paint marketing: the correct use of telemarketing, paint sales can still be "broken dealer research: how to distinguish the falsehood and truth of dealers? Paint marketing: we are talking about the outlet of physical stores, in fact, this is the outlet! • how to break the opening battle of dealers in 2016? Paint marketing: when there are no customers in the shop, what is the profitable paint boss? Paint marketing: the market position of paint enterprises should be firm and brand building should not be ignored

    Paint marketing: the business personnel have learned to travel all over the paint industry! Home of coatings is specialized in coatings, diatom mud, paint coating, coating technology, fire retardant coating news and coating, diatom mud, paint coating, coating technology, fire retardant coating decoration knowledge and decoration renderings,
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