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    Marketing: the first market of coating industry: store operation strategy

    • Last Update: 2020-04-03
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    Core tip: the importance and necessity of this store's publicity work, needless to say, the trouble is that we all know the importance of publicity, but less to systematically think about and design publicity issues

    The common problems of store publicity are: 1

    The promotion work is usually started before the activity, and the effect is expected immediately after the promotion


    Think that the information they deliberately spread is publicity, not aware of many unconscious store behavior is also publicity


    The publicity activities of the store are not continuous, there is no connection between the various publicity activities, all kinds of activities over the year Application scope and advantages of roller ceramic coating Recommended introduction: the surface of ceramic rubber plate used for roller ceramic coating is cast into durable rubber plate by hundreds of independent small ceramic pieces

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    At the same time, the bottom layer adopts high-quality rubber, which has strong elasticity and can play a good impact resistance role

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    Roller coating in extremely harsh working environment 2

    The belt joint is not suitable for fixing with iron buckle; 3

    It is suitable for leather Home of coatings news: the importance and necessity of publicity work in this store need not be mentioned

    The trouble is that we all know the importance of publicity, but we seldom think about and design publicity problems systematically

    The common problems of store publicity are: 1

    The promotion work is usually started before the activity, and the effect is expected immediately after the promotion


    I think the information that I deliberately spread is propaganda, and I don't realize that many unconscious store behaviors are also propaganda


    The propaganda activities of the store are not continuous, there is no connection between the various propaganda activities, and there are many kinds of propaganda activities in a year, but on the whole, they are intermittent

    Most of the stores have these problems, but the bosses haven't combed them thoroughly

    Anyway, the publicity work is carried out every year

    However, they always feel that more and more money is spent, and the effect is not good

    Of course, publicity is a big thing

    It's just the category of communication and media

    It's too complicated and profound

    In theory, we can simply sort out a few points: 1

    Most of the publicity work is lagging behind, that is, the communication and publicity you do today may take a long time to show its effect

    All, publicity work should be done in advance


    Publicity is not deliberate design and communication

    As long as the business exists in front of the public, the on-site environment of the store and the behavior of the salesperson have a continuous communication effect, and are all publicity

    From theory to practice, as a store, we can normalize the publicity work, and focus on the early publicity for customers, which is called early publicity

    This is because people passing by the store door every day can be regarded as future customers, or as the recommender and information transmission to introduce customers

    Every day, when passing by the store door, they may turn off intentionally or unintentionally Pay attention to the environment in the store or at the door, see the salesperson in the store, see the words and deeds of the salesperson, and see these things, either positive or negative

    This is the early publicity of the store

    So, what should we do in our shop? How to turn our daily work into propaganda? 1

    The environment at the door of the shop is clean

    The road is naturally not clean

    We can't manage the whole road

    But the two acres of land at the door of the shop still need to take the initiative to take responsibility

    We should keep cleaning every day, sprinkle hydraulic soil in summer, clear leaves in autumn and shovel ice and snow in winter

    At least, when passers-by walk to the door of this store, they feel different and clean, reflecting that this is a store with public awareness


    Don't pile up the sundries in the shop to the door, especially the cleaning products like mops, brooms and garbage cans

    Your shop is clean, but pile up the sundries to the door, so that the passing potential customers can see what they will think, disgust? Disgust? Think there is no public morality? No quality! This shop is no better! 3

    The window has vitality The eyes are the windows of the soul, the window is the eyes of the store, the living window and the dead window give passers-by a totally different feeling


    Bright lights in order to save money, the lights in the shop can not be turned on, the shop is dark ~ ~ ~, let passers-by feel that the shop is not energetic and lifeless, and the store with sufficient lights, bright shop, will make passers-by feel a lot better, the image of the store will also be increased


    Don't pile up the goods returned by the returned customers at the store door or in the store hall, but collect them as soon as possible

    Passers-by will inevitably have many negative associations after seeing these returns

    Of course, the new arrival of the store can be piled up at the door of the store, which means that the business of the store is good and it is constantly replenishing


    The behavior of the salesmen in the store is worth doing: cleaning the glass regularly every day, arranging the window, arranging the shelves, etc

    when performing

    Some things should not be done: for example, quarrel with customers, shop assistants get together to talk about melons and seeds, and load and unload goods roughly

    When the customers in the shop leave, several shop assistants immediately get together to discuss the customer

    These on-site environment and people's behaviors are to spread information to passers-by every day: 1

    There is a shop selling something here; 2

    The shop is active, has been engaged in any activities, or there are new products coming out


    According to some external behaviors, the store's life and work are not bad, and it has a preliminary good feeling

    In the eyes of passers-by, plant the information of this store, and gradually build a good feeling

    When you have similar needs in the future, or when people around you have similar needs, you can first think of this store, which is the effect accumulated by early publicity

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