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    Marketing: the hard life of paint dealers insist or leave?

    • Last Update: 2020-04-03
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    Core tip: This is the trouble of many paint dealers at present, but only he said it! After watching it, people can't calm down for a long time! Paint agent, top 10 Chinese wall paint brands Recommended introduction: interior wall paint and exterior wall paint can achieve beautiful, clean and pleasant effects, but the effects in different environments are different, so the color of the paint will be different

    There are ten brands of Chinese paint, ten brands of global paint, ten brands of Chinese wall paint, and ten brands of Chinese paint, Famous trademark of Chinese paint and coating

    In private rooms, most of us choose according to our own personality, personal hobbies and living habits

    The younger generation will choose the interior wall paint with rich colors and bright colors, while the older ones will have some working experience Paint Home News: This is a lot of current paint dealers' distress, but only he said it! After watching, people can't calm down for a long time! Recently, Xiaobian visited a number of paint stores, it is understood that inventory is the biggest problem for dealers at present

    According to an agent, some coating enterprises will set the business volume, and the business volume is gradually increasing, which results in a large inventory of many dealers

    In the long run, the inventory is increasing year by year, which makes dealers under great pressure

    And now dealers to pick up the goods are cash spot, and the products of dealers can't be sold, which makes dealers miserable for a long time

    Of course, inventory is only one aspect, and there are more problems that need to be paid attention to by dealers

    For example,..

    1、 Frequent changes in market policies of coating enterprises will make dealers in a very passive situation, because after every policy change, the business team of dealers will explain to the distributors, which will lead to complaints from distributors and cause great harm to the customer relationship of dealers

    Because of the change of the manufacturer's policy, which has hurt the accumulated customer sentiment for many years, how can dealers not hold back! It is suggested that the most sensible way to deal with this problem is to call on the regional manager of the enterprise to visit the customers, let him hear the complaints from the distributors, and really feel the obstacles brought by the changes of the enterprise policies to the dealers' work

    If the enterprise manager is really the leader of the market, he will naturally take action

    At the same time, dealers should carefully analyze and evaluate the policies of the enterprise, and flexibly choose the policies to meet the interests of distributors

    2、 In general, new products are promoted by manufacturers for three purposes: first, to increase sales with new products; second, to supplement product lines; and third, to expand the distribution of distributors

    The first two purposes are good, while the purpose of expanding the distribution of dealers causes the unease of the original dealers

    After all, the resources that enterprises put in a certain market are limited

    When new products come, they will seize the market cost and market share of the original dealers

    Timely and appropriate launch of new products will play a role in activating the market, otherwise it will play a negative role

    Suggestions: when new products come, don't panic

    See the "characteristics" and start again

    For new products put on the market by enterprises, those with the following characteristics can be taken over: first, upgrading and extension of the original aging products; second, strategic new products of the company; third, approved by distributors

    Those with the following characteristics shall not take over: first, those that have been listed but withdrawn from the market will have some problems left by the market when such products are re listed; second, they will overlap with existing products in terms of price

    3、 The instability of product quality does not exist in national famous enterprises and regional strong brands

    Local enterprises often face this problem

    Quality and word-of-mouth is the basis of the product based on the market

    If there is a sound of "unstable quality" in the market, the enterprise will be regarded as "a big event"! It is suggested to pay attention to the quality change in response methods, feed back the manufacturer's attention to the evaluation of distributors and consumers on product quality in a timely manner, and pay attention to collection in case of "negative evaluation", and feed back to the manufacturer's leaders to know

    If manufacturers attach importance to it, there is also the possibility of cooperation

    If the manufacturer doesn't care, there is no need for cooperation

    A lot more? However, the small brain volume is limited, which has not been thought of yet

    You know? Then in the lower right corner of the message module to share with you! Coating industry has gone through a high-speed development period, and now there is a bottleneck in the market

    With the maturity of the market, the industry has also changed from extensive to standardized, and will be refined in the future

    So the voice of the market is not easy to do, the dealers have a headache

    But this is the inevitable law of every industry

    What we can do is to survive

    This means that in a bad market environment, you have to double your efforts to make the same money as before

    Complaining about the market environment will not help your business

    Let's work together in the future! All articles with "source:" are copyrighted

    Please indicate the source for reprint

    The contents of the articles are for reference only and do not constitute investment suggestions

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    PPG, the world's largest coatings company, wants to swallow the parent company of Dulux, or is elected by the Netherlands

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