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    Marketing: the more Gabrielle does, the more popular she is! Dorothy is still in May Day! What kind of trouble is this?

    • Last Update: 2020-04-03
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    Which is the price of Dajin diatom mud Recommended brief introduction: which is the price of Dajin diatom mud? How to buy genuine diatom mud? Guangdong diatom mud agent suggests placing a basin of cold water in the air conditioning room, so that the diatom mud wall can breathe effectively

    The feature of the breathing wall is obvious

    When the indoor air is dry, the diatom mud wall will release the absorbed water quickly Put it out to help regulate the indoor dry humidity

    It is suggested to place a basin of cold water in the air conditioning room, so that the wall of diatom mud can breathe effectively

    The feature of the wall that can breathe is obvious

    When the indoor air is relatively dry, the wall of diatom mud will absorb the water Paint Home News: more and more people like to shop online

    It's true that online shopping has brought us great convenience

    You can buy clothes, food and paint at home! Yes, this is the power of the Internet! Xiaobian saw a series of coating preferential activities from the Mid Autumn Festival to the national day through a cat's global home year and the Jingdong home decoration Festival, which lasted for one month

    It was cash as well as material gifts

    As I didn't have such a demand, I felt that the welfare was great! Then what about physical stores? Online and offline festivals? Who was killed first! Now the custom is that as long as it's a festival, we have activities, this festival, that big group buying! However, the offline activity editor did not see more information! Since the Mid Autumn Festival, tmall global home time activities are in full swing

    The price of a single barrel of paint is a big discount, and you can get a voucher

    There are not only full reduction activities, but also gifts of various items

    And the major brands are relatively stable offline

    In recent years, the scope of offline activities is more and more smaller than online activities, and most offline activities are only concentrated in some large festivals, unlike online marketing platforms, there will be a variety of shopping festivals

    Once we only used to entertain singles' day, now it has become a heavy double 11, always cutting hands

    But when it comes to offline festivals and festivals of major brands, most enterprises are more willing to do some large-scale activities or public welfare activities to improve their corporate image and popularity

    In this year's Mid Autumn Festival, Jiabaoli held a fitness and running event, inviting three sports stars to run up together and celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival with the citizens of Guangxi

    Of course, there are exceptions, such as Dulux is very headstrong! Xiaobian search did not find its mid autumn festival activities, of course, does not rule out the possibility that Xiaobian search is not thorough enough

    Therefore, Xiaobian went to duluxi's wechat public platform specially, and found that the promotion activity is to stay in May 1st, to collect vouchers, and to use them in offline stores

    The 50 yuan voucher is slightly smaller than the online marketing range

    I hope that we can not lose hope! The combination of online and offline is the king way

    People generally think that the rapid development of the Internet and the rise of Internet marketing impact the traditional marketing mode

    Although the influence exists, how to turn the contradiction into strength, combine online and offline, and do a good job in product promotion is the common expectation of the majority of coating enterprises and coating websites

    In fact, only those traditional enterprises that can combine online and offline can make a difference online

    Combination of online and offline: for things done online, there should be performance offline; for activities done offline, there should be communication online

    Combine offline activities with online communication, so as to improve the communication effect of brand influence

    Most of the people online and offline are overlapped, and only close cooperation online and offline can make the promotion of coating enterprises more effective with less effort

    In a word, the promotion of coating enterprises should be combined online and offline

    Both hands should be grasped and both hands should be hard

    Only in this way can we get twice the result with half the effort! All articles with "source:" are copyrighted

    Please indicate the source for reprint

    The contents of the articles are for reference only and do not constitute investment suggestions

    Key words: coating network marketing, future development of cabaret Dulux coating industry? Coating and coating integration! What happened to the coating industry on September 27? On February 20, the coating industry "No paint order" and another urban paint industry is really going to change? Weifang City sampling inspection decoration materials 51 groups of coating products are all in line with the largest Asian water paint production line settled in Baoding to reduce volatile organic compounds every year! In 2016, the production of top 100 powder coating enterprises was released and the municipal coating enterprises were shut down! Environmental Protection Bureau is sued by public interest! The real murderer is here! Choose paint and protect your home with environmental protection


    Right of paint edition, cherry blossom paint always adheres to environmental pollution supervision

    Large amount of water-based paint has become the transformation of many enterprises

    Two trucks collide and cause the paint to fall on the road

    Sanitation industry uses 20 tons of water to clean the paint

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