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    Marketing: three problems hindering the development of paint enterprises

    • Last Update: 2020-04-03
    • Source: Internet
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    Core tips: 1

    Investment promotion support is not in place Paint knowledge | precautions for wall paint color selection Recommended introduction: when painting the wall, the owner sometimes has difficulty in choosing what color of the wall paint to paint

    In fact, there is no ugly color in the wall paint, only the disharmonious color matching

    The use of wall color contains the knowledge of health

    Too strong color will stimulate people's perception, make people have a sense of fidgety, affect people's mental health

    Grasp the basic principles of wall color and paint a colorful space

    1、 Wall paint color selection notice 1

    Light color is generally used for the top surface

    Light colors make people feel light, dark colors make people feel heavy

    Usually, the treatment of rooms is from top to bottom, from shallow to deep

    For example, the ceiling and walls of rooms are white and Paint Home News: 1

    Investment promotion support is not implemented in place as an important channel for enterprise distribution, which has great significance for enterprise development

    One of the major goals of enterprise expansion is naturally to strive to cover the franchised stores in important domestic regions

    Therefore, many enterprises in order to seek the scale of investment, blindly expand the market, some in order to recruit franchisees, and even reduce the investment requirements

    The final result is that the investment volume has reached and the area has been covered

    However, there are more complaints from dealers

    It is understood that in recent years, news such as dealers' accusations of businesses' failure to fulfill their commitments have occurred frequently, most of which are that businesses basically ignore dealers after signing franchise agreements with franchisees, and many support cannot be implemented

    The basic reason for this phenomenon is that the scale of investment attraction of enterprises has far exceeded its control scale, and the management ability of enterprises can't reach it

    "This phenomenon is not surprising, because too much investment will affect the quality of subsequent investment." Industry insiders said


    Compared with the mature enterprises, the new elite enterprises are more creative

    They can use new marketing methods to break through the market quickly and seize market share on the basis of the traditional model

    However, such enterprises are limited in scale and limited in production capacity

    If they expand rapidly, the result is that the output goes up, but the quality goes down

    In fact, such examples are common

    "So, calm enterprises continue to move forward, while impatient enterprises are left behind." Industry insiders said

    Experts remind: domestic new and cutting-edge coating enterprises still need to be able to hold their breath, showing a rare calm and steady gas


    For the rapid expansion of some enterprises, it is not only the products but also the follow-up services of enterprises that suffer from the defects of follow-up services

    Because when the enterprise expands too fast, the management of the team will not keep up with the development speed, resulting in problems in the docking of major coatings, which is easy to lead to defects in the follow-up services, or low quality problems

    In addition, the excessive dumping of products will also cause the rapid growth of service costs, which will make enterprises unable to meet their needs in terms of financial support and service personnel reserve

    Therefore, when the paint window enterprises are developing, they should formulate corresponding operation strategies to unify all links and avoid the phenomenon of leading and lagging behind

    The new elite coating enterprises are in a high-speed development period, which has its shortcomings, but this is the normal process of enterprise development

    As long as such enterprises can have a good attitude, do a good job in the determination to face the future, they will be able to grow and make breakthroughs in the industry

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