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    Mask machine melt spray cloth big price reduction mask minimum 0.12 yuan

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    Pharmaceutical Network June 8th,mask machine melt spray cloth big price reduction
    June 4, "mask machine melt spray cloth price collapse" the topic was pushed on the hot searchThe melting cloth is the filter layer in the middle of the mask, is the most important material of the mask, has the role of filtering bacteria and preventing the spread of germsAs the new crown epidemic spread globally, the rigid demand for masks soared, making the melting cloth a hit, and prices suddenly skyrocketed, comparable to gold in the manufacturing industryIt is reported that since the outbreak of the new crown, China's spray-melting cloth prices from the original 18,000 per ton, gradually rose to the beginning of May about 750,000 per ton of highMask machine also from the initial 200,000 yuan / Taiwan, all the way up to 500,000 - 1 million yuan / Taiwan, individual even rose to 2 million yuan / TaiwanIn addition, non-woven fabrics, ear bands, nose bars..All the industries associated with epidemic prevention and control have been caught up in the sudden outbreak of demandHowever, since late May, mask machines, fuses and other prices of the decline, so that many businesses can not preventAccording to the statistics of looking for plastic nets, since mid-to-late May, the price of melting cloth has fallen significantlyAmong them, the price of the 99-class melting cloth on May 1 was close to 725,000 yuan/tonne, and on June 3, the price has dropped to 250,000 yuan/tonneThe price of a 90-grade fume has fallen from about 400,000 yuan/tonne in early May to 35,000 yuan per ton on June 3loss also want to sellas a mask that had just needed hard currency, with the domestic epidemic gradually coming to an end, coupled with a large number of enterprises in the early stages of the production of masks, resulting in the market supply has been saturated, even oversupplyAt present, the price of masks has plummetedCyber blue found that on an e-commerce platform, the price of a one-time protective mask has gone to the lowest one 1 hair 2, and also charteredIndustry insiders say the retail price is actually lower than the ex-factory price of some mask factoriesAccording to the price in May, qualified civil 90-grade melting cloth a ton of about 400,000 yuan, a ton of melt spray cloth production of 1 million masks once, the cost of melting cloth alone has to be 4 hairsIn addition, count non-woven fabrics, ear-to-ear, pressure bar, labor costs, a mask sold more than 1 hair, if the quality of the mask is qualified, then the merchant is certainly losing money in the saleWhy sell at a loss? Obviously, in the early stage many manufacturers in order to catch up with the opportunity of masks, increase production capacity hoarding a large number of goods, now low-cost sales of masks are also in order to clear inventory and return fundsIn addition to masks, mask machines are being sold at low pricesPreviously, some companies that switched to the production of masks, in order to expand production capacity to buy mask machines, has become chicken ribsMany enterprises will be up to 1 million previously purchased mask machine for 200,000 to change hands, to prevent the mask machine into scrap ironIn addition, the mask machine industry has also begun to cool downDuring the outbreak, the price of equipment of mask machine manufacturers rose, the original price of about 200,000 mask machines, the price rose to 30-60 million yuan, some prices even more than one million yuanAnd at high prices, the delivery time of the equipment is not guaranteedMost delivery times are 1-2 months, and some N95 mask production equipment delivery times even last for half a yearToday, orders from mask manufacturers have fallen sharplyA large number of spot backlog, in order to clear inventory manufacturers can only reduce prices to sellIndustry shuffledata show that in more than 50,000 enterprises operating masks, there are 17,013 operating import and export anti-epidemic materials However, the quality of these masks is actually uneven   On April 10, the General Administration of Customs issued Notice 53 to strengthen the quality standards of masks
    supervision As many mask factories produce civilian masks, did not obtain medical equipment product certificate, can not pass customs inspection and export   Under the requirements of the new customs regulations, a large number of mask factory disposable mask exports are blocked, can only take the target back to the domestic market With the stability of the domestic epidemic, coupled with the mask market has been saturated, for the mask is now the core competitiveness is quality and price   Since April, the State Administration of Market Supervision has, through preliminary clues, set up a task force, issued documents and requirements, severely cracked down on the illegal chain of prices of epidemic-prevention materials such as meltspray cloth, and consolidated and standardized the order of enterprises in key areas for melting spray production   On April 17th, the website of the State Administration of Markets published a message: Yangzhong City, Jiangsu Province, to implement "shock therapy" for the melting cloth industry Since the outbreak of the new crown outbreak, Yangzhong City registered production, sales of melt-related non-woven enterprises reached more than 800 all closed down for rectification   On May 20, the State Administration of Market Supervision issued "Typical cases of price violations of epidemic-prevention materials such as meltspray cloth during epidemic prevention and control" (11th batch), exposing 9 cases of price violations of the price of meltspray cloth A group of companies and "reverses" were punished   The State Administration of Markets also issued a notice mentioning that the local market regulatory authorities are required to carry out a special investigation of the price of melt-spray edified nonwovens for designated enterprises, and to focus on the investigation of designated molten-spray edified nonwovens enterprises, giving priority to the report ingenuity non-woven price complaints, suspected illegality should be resolutely investigated and dealt with in accordance with the law   In addition, the State Administration of Markets has issued an emergency notice to several provinces and cities of the market supervision bureau to ensure market price stability, maintain market order, check quality In addition, in response to the problem of price inflation, the relevant departments have begun to investigate and rectify the price of raw materials, and key enterprises to conduct interviews   After the fire, the mask industry ushered in a big reshuffle, the market will return to rationality
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