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    Mass production of Honghao Chemical's high-abundance boron-10 acid

    • Last Update: 2022-02-19
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    At the recently concluded Fifth China International New Materials Industry Expo, the boric-10 acid product independently developed by Liaoning Honghao Chemical Industry Co.
    , Ltd.
    won the gold prize for exhibits in the field of cutting-edge new materials
    According to reports, the boron-10 acid produced by Honghao Chemical has an abundance of 99% and a purity of 99.
    It currently has a production capacity of 3 tons per year
    In the next step, the company will increase the large-scale production capacity of boron-10 acid products, and the expansion and transformation of the 20 tons/year high-abundance boron-10 acid production line is in progress
    ? The boron element has abundant reserves in nature, but it is a worldwide problem to successfully separate the isotope boron-10 from the boron element
    Boron-10 has a strong neutron absorption capacity and is the preferred material for shielding nuclear radiation.
    It has an irreplaceable role in nuclear industry, defense industry, medicine and other fields.
    However, there are only the United States, Russia, Japan, and the United Kingdom in the world.
    A few countries such as France and France have realized industrialized production
    ? In the early 1970s, China started the research and development of boron-10 separation, but due to restrictions on process routes, equipment, etc.
    , industrial production has not been able to form
    In 2010, Honghao Chemical aimed at this world-leading topic, self-raised nearly 300 million yuan, and started the research and development of high-abundance boric-10 acid
    ? In the process of research and development, Honghao Chemical invented the alpha dehydration technology, which solved the technical problems such as easy decomposition of raw materials and intermediate products, easy blockage of pipelines and tower systems in the production of boric-10 acid, and overcame high-tech in August 2016.
    The industrial mass production of abundance boron-10 acid products is difficult
    They adopted a new method to separate boron isotopes, which overcomes the shortcomings of traditional separation methods such as long cycle time, high energy consumption, and high cost, shortened the production cycle, and improved the separation efficiency
    In the Fifth Liaoning Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, the company's boric-10 acid product project won the first prize
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