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    Materials Today Bio: Liu Gang's team at Huazhong University of Science and Technology develops black technology for gene therapy and rapid quantitative detection of vaccine vectors

    • Last Update: 2022-10-12
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    Gene therapy can fundamentally supplement or repair defective genes and restore the normal biological functions of healthy genes, which has incomparable therapeutic advantages

    The entry of the vector into the body induces an immune response and builds immune memory requires an infectious active viral vaccine

    Recently, Professor Liu Gang's team at Huazhong University of Science and Technology published a research paper

    In response to the above problems, the team of Professor Liu Gang and Dr.

    In the study, the researchers first developed a label-free NanoSPR biosensor

    The results show that, based on this novel sensor, recombinant human CAR, FX protein or antiadenoviral hexao-neighbor protein antibodies are fixed on the surface of NanoRHB, and these ligands can bind adenoviral fibrin (protruding spurs on the viral capsid) and hexaoliton proteins (the main capsid proteins), respectively, and can quickly detect adenovirus survival viability and concentration through adenovirus-specific binding CAR/FX protein interactions, detecting up to 96 samples simultaneously and at high throughput in 5 minutes.

    In addition, the researchers also used lyophilized technology to integrate CAR-labeled gold particles into a monoclonal antibody-modified Nano RHB platform, and the detection sensitivity could be further increased by a factor

    The researchers will further use the NanoRHB platform to examine 26 cell supernatant samples, and the results show that the results are very consistent

    The results show that the Nano RHB platform is a promising high-throughput bioassay tool for efficient and ultra-sensitive evaluation of vaccines and gene delivery vectors, for rapid quality control of large-scale adenoviral vector vaccines, and for other viral vector- and gene vector-based assays

    The research team has realized the transformation of the above technology, based on the NanoSPR technology to develop an adeno-associated virus (AAV-2) quantitative detection kit, which can accurately, quickly, easily and high-throughput detection of AAV-2 virus content in cell supernatant

    The principle of AAV-2 virus quantitative detection kit is that the capsid protein on the AAV-2 virus and the AAV-2 monoclonal antibody on the surface of the biochip bind to the chip nanopores to produce a plasma resonance effect, causing a change in the absorbance at a

    AAV, as the star carrier of gene therapy, is the most commonly used vector in gene therapy, and accurate titer detection is an important part of the material control of AAV gene therapy drugs, and it is also a prerequisite for

    AAV-2 virus quantitative detection kit can be used with a quantitative quasi-multifunctional molecular detector (WeSPR 100 or WeSPR HT96), one step of sampling, 15 minutes can produce results, can accurately, quickly, easily, high-throughput detection of AAV-2 virus content

    It has a very wide range of application prospects

    Li Rui, Ph.

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