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    MaxDIA: Taking proteomics to a new level

    • Last Update: 2021-08-02
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    Proteins are vital to the function of our cells, but many questions about their synthesis, quantity, function, and defects remain unanswered

    Two Methods of Analyzing Proteins by Mass Spectrometry

    Shotgun proteomics mainly uses two methods: Data Dependent Acquisition (DDA) and Data Independent Acquisition (DIA)

    As a result, this method generates a large amount of data, and the complexity of the information obtained is greatly increased

    Combine DDA and DIA

    Jürgen Cox and his team have now developed a software that provides a complete calculation workflow for DIA data

    In addition, the software supports new technologies such as bootstrap DIA, BoxCar DIA and trapped ion mobility spectroscopy DIA

    Enable researchers to perform complex proteomics data analysis

    MaxDIA is a free software that can be used by scientists all over the world

    Sinitcyn said that its goal is to "apply the mass spectrometry technology of the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry to the clinic

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