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    Medical industry audit storm, drug rebate and other chaos or be contained

    • Last Update: 2019-08-16
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    [industry trends of pharmaceutical network] since June this year, the pharmaceutical industry has carried out a storm of accounting information quality inspection, involving 77 pharmaceutical companies It is required to report the inspection materials before August 31 Among them, there are 15 pharmaceutical companies inspected by the regulatory bureau of the Ministry of finance, including Hengrui pharmaceutical, Fosun Pharmaceutical, Shanghai pharmaceutical, step pharmaceutical, China Resources 390 Listed Pharmaceutical leaders, as well as Sanofi, Squibb and Lilai three international pharmaceutical companies The task of 31 local finance departments (bureaus) is to inspect 2 pharmaceutical enterprises in each unit, and 62 enterprises will be inspected in total, including 22 listed companies or their subsidiaries such as Zhifei biology, Tongrentang, Tianshili, Shiyao group, etc Now it is the middle of August, approaching the date of reporting inspection materials How is the inspection progress? Is there any new news? It is reported that at present, the audit of the Supervision Bureau of the Ministry of Finance and the local finance department (bureau) is in progress, among which enterprises began to be inspected in early July In terms of the content of the inspection, the inspection of the sales expenses of pharmaceutical enterprises is the key point, which is also related to the authenticity of the accounting purpose of pharmaceutical enterprises High sales expenses are also a common problem in the pharmaceutical industry According to the data, more than 70% (233) of the 300 A-share medical and health care companies had sales expenses of over 100 million in 2018 And in this audit list, there are also pharmaceutical companies with sales expenses of more than 100 million According to the industry, the core of audit lies in whether the enterprise is involved in false Invoicing, which will continue to extend down and explore more problems after finding doubts It can be seen that this audit storm is a big test for the pharmaceutical companies involved, and for the pharmaceutical industry, the in-depth remediation of a series of industrial chaos such as drug rebate has also been launched In order to curb the occurrence of bribery in the pharmaceutical industry, at the end of July, the nine departments jointly issued the notice on printing and distributing the key points of correcting unhealthy practices in the field of pharmaceutical purchase and sale and medical services in 2019, which clearly contained and deterred the behavior of pharmaceutical bribery In addition, on August 5, the State Administration of market supervision also issued a notice to clearly carry out anti unfair competition law enforcement actions in key areas nationwide In addition to the national level, the local government also began to take action to rectify the industry For example, Tianjin recently released the list of supervision and inspection of Accounting Evaluation in 2019 of Tianjin Finance Bureau, which requires 13 units to carry out the supervision and inspection of Accounting Evaluation in 2019, including two pharmaceutical enterprises Shandong regulatory bureau also held an accounting information quality inspection meeting for a pharmaceutical enterprise in Heze City It required to carry out "penetration" supervision on pharmaceutical sales, extend the inspection on related parties and related sales, agency, advertising, consulting and other institutions, and check the arrangement of medical institutions, as well as the authenticity of expenses, costs and incomes when necessary In general, the pharmaceutical industry will be subject to a round of major renovation In the future, the only long-term strategy for pharmaceutical enterprises is to pay attention to clinical efficacy, focus on academic promotion, regulate competition behavior, and develop scientifically According to the industry, for example, pharmaceutical academic promotion, the industry has its own rules, for example, rdpac code of conduct for drug promotion (2012 Revision) Among them, there is a clear definition of the criteria for pharmaceutical enterprises to invite medical institutions and professionals to participate in activities For example, member companies shall not provide medical and health professionals with cash or cash substitutes, such as gift tickets; they shall not provide them with gifts for personal purposes, such as sports or entertainment tickets, electronic products, etc.
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