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    Medical representative salary level announced! On average, it's 6% higher than last year. Are you up to the standard?

    • Last Update: 2020-06-19
    • Source: Internet
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    According to fiercepharma, a recent medreps annual survey on the remuneration of medical sales representatives shows that the average salary of 520 medical representatives in 2019 is 151217 US dollars, including the average basic salary of 109250 US dollars and the average bonus of 41967 US dollarsThe average salary of medical representatives has increased by 6% compared with the survey results of medreps in 2018< br / > because the medreps survey was conducted in the first two weeks of March 2020, the global new crown epidemic has spreadAt that time, novel coronavirus pneumonia was expected to have a negative impact on their income this year, according to 3/4 of the medical representatives interviewed< br / > medreps has been conducting an annual survey on the remuneration of medical sales representatives for ten years"What we are going to track next year is the follow-up effect of the new crown epidemic on the average salary of medical sales representatives, that is, whether it will continue to deteriorate or return to the previous state." Said Karyn Mullins, President of medreps< br / > another focus in 2020 will be the "business trip" of medical representativesNovel coronavirus pneumonia is a common practice for medical representativesThere is no doubt that doctors' visits, departments' meetings and other meetings are homely food for medical representativesThe work style will be changed by the influence of the new global crown pneumoniaThe change of working style will inevitably affect the efficiency and performance< br / > according to the survey, the average income of medical representatives who spend 25% of their time on the road is $159938By contrast, the average income of medical representatives who spend 50% to 75% of their time on the road is 197245 US dollars, an increase of 23%, which is also the best balance point of payment and income for medical representatives< br / > of course, the income indicators of the sales representative include where the representative sells and the size of the employerAccording to the survey, medical representatives who sell to hospitals earn about 10% more than those who sell to doctors' officesRepresentatives who work for medium-sized pharmaceutical companies earn more than those who work for small or large pharmaceutical companiesRobyn melhuish, marketing director of MEDREP, said it was a good time to work in the pharmaceutical industry because income was growing and there were many other jobs to choose from"The crisis has demoralized people, but we certainly can still see the recruitment information." He stressed< br / > it is worth noting that the respondents of MEDREP are basically medical representatives worldwide, and the relevant data can objectively show the income status of medical representativesBut specific to the Chinese market, with the accelerated implementation of the medical representative filing system, the launch of a series of policy combinations, such as volume procurement, medical insurance negotiation, etc., it seems that the scale of layoffs of medical representatives has become a foregone conclusionIn addition, due to the impact of the epidemic, many local pharmaceutical enterprises have changed their salaries and positions, and their bonus expectations have been greatly reducedThe survival situation of the medical representatives in the workplace is becoming more and more severe< br / > it can be predicted that "cost reduction and efficiency increase" will become an important strategy for enterprises in the future, especially in the marketing cost of non patented drugs, which will become the competition of production and efficiencyIn terms of sales alone, as in the past, medical representatives rely on gold sales and customer maintenance, so it is inevitable that they will be eliminatedIn the future, the level and threshold of domestic medical representatives will surely be raised< br / > in addition, innovative drugs still need a strong and perfect academic promotion team"In the future, the time left for innovative drugs is very short, and generic drugs will come up as soon as the patent passesTherefore, how to maximize the value of innovative drugs in such a short period of time, to reach the peak, requires a team with very good coverage and expertise." thus it can be seenFor many newly established biotechnology companies, the medium and long-term pipeline layout, perfect organizational structure and professional academic marketing ability can not be ignoredAnd those medical representatives with solid academic marketing foundation will also become the "hot spots" in the eyes of pharmaceutical companies, after all, the tide has arrived, only change for ever.
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