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    Medicinal film coating premix (gastric dissolving type) (coating powder)

    • Last Update: 2021-07-29
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    Medicinal film coating premix (gastric dissolving type) (coating powder)
    This product is a medicinal excipient.
    It is a pre-mixed excipient of a variety of pharmaceutical excipients


    Properties: This product is a granular powder with uniform color, odorless and tasteless
    This product can be dissolved or partially suspended in water or ethanol to become a uniform and turbid colloid


    Uses: This product can be used as a gastric-soluble coating material for solid preparations of Chinese and Western medicines, pills, and granules
    It can also be used as a moisture-proof membrane for traditional Chinese medicine granular preparations

    Water or ethanol can be used as a solvent, which is very convenient to use


    Quality standard: in line with Jiangsu Provincial Drug Standard 3205F01
    Approval Number: Su Yao Zhunzi (2005) No.
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