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    "Medicine headlines" the special medicine for rare diseases has stopped production! Tens of thousands of patients fall into drug shortage

    • Last Update: 2020-06-19
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    (2020 / 06 / 12) 278 million US dollars! Takeda sells 18 drugs to celltrion in the Asia Pacific region; why can dupixent sell 10 billion euros? Sanofi announced the detailed development plan; a state of the United States officially passed the annual ceiling of $500 for pharmaceutical enterprises Gift ban < br / >The deal totaled $278 million, including $266 million in cash advances and $12 million in potential milestone paymentsAs with previous divestitures, the rights to the drugs sold are outside Takeda's selected focus areas (Gastroenterology, rare diseases, plasma derived therapy, oncology and Neuroscience)< br / >< br / > there are about 7000 kinds of rare diseases known in the world, only about 6% of which have drugs to treatMost of the newly developed special drugs are very expensive, costing hundreds of thousands to millions of yuan a yearSodium Dimercaptopropanesulfonate, a special drug for hepatolenticular degeneration, is a new old drug with an estimated annual cost of tens of thousands yuan, which can be called the cheapest special drug for rare diseasesThere are about 20000-80000 people suffering from Wilson's disease in ChinaRecently, due to the relocation of the only raw material factory in the country, the drugs were temporarily stopped, and they fell into drug shortage< br / >< br / > dupixent (dupilumab) is a kind of monoclonal antibody drug targeting IL-4R developed by Sanofi / regeneratorIt can combine IL-4 and IL-13 common receptor module IL-4R α, and block IL-4 and IL-13 signals at the same timeIt has a good control effect on a variety of type 2 immune related inflammatory diseasesDupixent was approved by FDA for the first time in March 2017, and its global sales revenue reached 2.074 billion euros in 2019, showing an amazing market powerThe indications of atopic dermatitis were successful< br / > after one year's rule making, the Maine Drug Commission finally passed the state gift ban provisions for drug companies at the open meeting of the Commission in MayThis state decree provides a clear direction for drug companies and pharmaceutical commercial companies to give gifts, and at the same time, for the development of the medical industry, In particular, medical education companies and state practitioners consider that this law does not set a ceiling on doctor lecture fees and related costsThe final result is reasonable< br / > with the advancement of aging, the proportion of chronic disease drugs such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in the retail market has gradually increasedIn recent years, the national level vigorously promotes the development of traditional Chinese medicine, and further stimulates the sales of Chinese patent medicine in the retail marketAccording to the latest data of minenet, the terminal cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases Chinese patent medicine market of urban retail pharmacies in China will exceed 11 billion yuan in 2019, while the terminal cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases Chinese patent medicine market of public medical institutions in China will fall below 100 billion yuan< br / > < br / > brand competition has also entered the white hot stage< br / > a month ago, several chains, such as dashanlin and haiwangxingchen, announced that the price of imported original research antihypertensive drugs had been greatly reducedThe original price of each box of Baitangping was 65 yuan (specification: 50mg * 30 tablets), and now each box is only 8.9 yuan..It is understood that the first round of centralized purchase of retail drugs in Guangdong Province involved 22 regulations, with a total purchase amount of more than 110 million yuan, A number of manufacturers with "4 + 7" volume purchase bid price is even lower than the bid price to supply drugs to Guangdong retail pharmacies, with an average price drop of 61.2%< br / >< br / > today Novo Nordisk, a Danish pharmaceutical company, announced that it would buy corvidia, a US private pharmaceutical company, for $725 million, and its shareholders could earn up to $2.1 billion if all goes wellCorvidia's core asset is long-acting, all human IL-6 antibody zilivekimab, which is being used to reduce cardiovascular events in phase II clinical trials of CKD patientsCorvidia also has an APOC drug, cor-003, to reduce triglycerides before clinical useCorvidia was founded in 2015 and previously received a total of US $86 million in rounds a and B financing< br / >.
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