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    Medicine is boiling! More than 3000 people than expected, CMC Expo on-site critical hit: dry goods + business opportunities + free gifts!

    • Last Update: 2020-06-19
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    < br / > < br / > original title: medicine circle is boiling! More than 3000 people than expected, CMC Expo on-site critical hit: dry goods + business opportunities + free gifts! < br / >Where the fields are full of emerald, the water village is quiet and comfortable, and there are more beautiful gardens, pavilions and Taihu Lake, such as smoke and mist, such as poetry and painting< br / > < br / > on September 9, 2019, the "2019 China Bio Chemical Pharmaceutical Technology Service Expo" hosted by yaorongquan and baiaogu opened in Dushu Lake, SuzhouThe first day of the Expo consists of three Forums: < br / > venue 1 on the 9th: CBV (CEO + BD + VC) Summit Forum & roadshow < br / > < br / > venue 2 on the 9th: innovative drugs and improved new drugs project approval, clinical, research and development, registration practice < br / > < br / > venue 3 on the 9th: Bio autumn2019 biological drugs early laboratory and later process research and development discussion (the first day) < br / > the Expo was popular, More than 3000 < br / > Medical elites from home and abroad were present< br / > more than 80 < br / > exhibitors have made a shocking appearance with full highlights and won unanimous praise from customers on siteI sincerely hope that the circle friends can achieve their goals and make a worthy trip< br / >, Let's follow the photos to experience the wonderful moment of CMC Expo the next day< br / >AI accelerated drug research and development is mainly reflected in AI drug design and drug crystal research1AI assisted drug design: AI provides drug design ideas; AI generates and selects molecules; chemists make decisions based on AI; chemists design synthesis routes; 2AI independent drug design: AI as drug design subject; chemists define, supervise and upgrade related functions; 3AI automated drug design: AI as drug design subject; AI supervision and upgrade related functions< br / > < br / >Small nucleic acid drugs will subvert the pattern of many disease treatment fields and form a huge marketAs the leader of China's small nucleic acid pharmaceutical, we welcome strong cooperation and hope to create a brilliant era of China's small nucleic acid pharmaceutical! < br / > < br / >, It directly affects the clinical trial resultsCMC's function is development: to effectively transform the leadcompound obtained from early research and development into marketable drugsManufacturing: responsible for the supply of drugs to clinical research or market during and after the clinical stage< br / > < br / >/ >DrZhang invent < br / > < br / / > founder of HUST bioscience in China and the United States < br / > < br / > Design and clinical research of tumor immune bifunctional antibody < br / > < br / > Hans biology, based on PD-1 monoclonal antibody, has a three-dimensional layout in the field of tumor immunotherapyThe company has an efficient antibody screening humanization high expression platform, dual function antibody screening platform and antibody long-term optimization technologyThe company's product pipeline is rich, and there are 5 varieties of antibody biological drugs and small molecules in the clinical stage< br / > < br / >Hanteng biology applied the innovative cell culture technology to the production of next generation antibodyOrbital shaking technology is a new technology for cell culture and amplificationThe technology of ring track shaking can ensure the condition consistency of cell culture amplification process, so it can greatly shorten the time of upstream process development and ensure the consistency and quality of product qualityAt present, orbital shaking has become a new standard in protein industry< br / > < br / > Preliminary exploration of TIL therapy with gene editing for medical treatment? 2How can t cells overcome the inhibition of microenvironment? 3How to increase the number of T cells? 4How to speed up the cell preparation cycle? 5How to reduce the cost of cell preparation? Ordinary til can only solve some problems, while super til can solve five problems comprehensivelyIt can expand til in vitro at a cost of 0: the price is expected to be 100000-200000 yuan in the future, and most people can afford it The period of TIL amplification in vitro is reduced to 0: in theory, the preparation can be completed in 3 days, and the vast majority of advanced patients can afford < br / > < br / > ▼ < br / > Yu Xuejun < br / > < br / > Huadao biology < br / > < br / > car cell industry technology independent intellectual property < br / > < br / > car-t cell whole industry chain: R & D, production, transportation, treatment Four key core equipment and production operation management system of car-t cell medicine (independent intellectual property rights (localization) of key equipment and operation system) Car-t cells make 80-90% of the Chinese people completely curable as a kind of "people-friendly, affordable medical insurance" cell medicine < br / > < br / > Enterprise strategic planning challenges and opportunities < br / > < br / > how to transform Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises? Follow the trend, don't be a spectator; be good at the field, try to differentiate and subdivide the field; control the cash flow, avoid unreasonable M & A; find the right person, Inside and outside the enterprise; develop long-term and reliable development strategies; never follow the trend of project initiation, research and development and cooperative transactions; cooperation is the most important strategy for future development < br / > < br / >, Abisko therapeutics, VP of corporate and business development < br / > < br / > Zhou Sixiang, CEO of business and strategy, and harbourbiome, platinum medicine, bddirector of Asia Pacific < br / > < br / > Zhang fufei, Yunfei Zhang MBA, i-mabbiopharma, director of global business development < br / > < br / > blakesalisbury, Innoventbiology, Vpofbusiness development < br / > < br / > < br / > Project roadshow < br / > bonocorn focuses on the research and development, transfer, validation and registration of small molecule drugs The business is divided into two directions: innovative medicine and generic medicine The respiratory system, the central nervous system and cancer are areas of expertise With the concept of "quality comes from design (QBD)" and "product life cycle management", generic pharmaceutical projects can provide you with one-stop services from R & D to factory transfer, validation, international and domestic registration, and drug administration to meet the inspection < br / > Hefei Zhongke puresheng Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd focuses on drug research and development and precise drug treatment for major diseases such as cancer, and is committed to two business areas: Drug Evaluation Technology Service (New Technology) and clinical precise drug technology promotion demonstration (new service) < br / > QinHao Pharmaceutical (Suzhou) Co., Ltd focuses on the research and development of original anti-tumor drugs In order to meet the unmet clinical needs, it develops high-quality innovative drugs for the global market! The company specializes in tumor patient medical services and new drug research and development based on "precision medicine" Through the combination of macromolecules and small molecules, it develops new tumor immunotherapy drugs with personalized characteristics, and develops clinical detection methods for tumor markers < br / > Mabei bio is a biotechnology company, which focuses on the development of biopharmaceutical technology and cdmo technology services So far, it has completed more than 50 biopharmaceutical project development, including antibody discovery, clinical trial application and listing application stages, It covers antibody discovery, upstream and downstream process development, preparation process development, analysis method development and validation, sample GMP production, process change management, process validation and quality assurance and other comprehensive technical service capabilities < br / > Changshu Suyu biomedical industrial park is a flagship carrier of biomedical industrialization jointly built by Suzhou Industrial Park Management Committee and Changshu Municipal People's government It is located in the north of Changshu City, Jiangsu Province, close to the Golden Water Bank of the Yangtze River, one hour's drive from Shanghai The first phase covers an area of 1 square kilometer Focus on the development of new drugs, biotechnology and related fields and other internationally advanced industrialization projects, and strive to build a unique domestic industrialization base of biomedicine and related technologies within 10 years < br / > There were 2.34 million deaths, accounting for 24% of the total causes of death In recent 20 years, the incidence rate and mortality rate of breast cancer have increased rapidly, and the situation of prevention and control is very severe The first and second generation CDK inhibitors lack sufficient activity and selectivity, resulting in large side effects and narrow treatment window The third generation CDK inhibitor, approved by FDA, is used to treat Er - / PR -, HER2 -, triple negative breast cancer The design of CDK4 / 6 inhibitors is based on the design of ATP binding sites D-10 can be used as a candidate compound in preclinical research for anti swelling
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