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    Meet ybb00332002-2015 standard glass ampoule breaking force test instrument

    • Last Update: 2018-08-17
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    Ybb00332002-2015 low borosilicate glass ampoule regulation: in the natural light bright place, face up to visual inspection

    It shall be colorless and transparent or brown and transparent, without obvious glass defects; no crack is allowed in any part; the color point of the easy ampoule with mark shall be marked in the center above the mark, and the deviation from the center line shall not be more than ± 1.0mm

    The physical properties test items of low borosilicate glass ampoules include 121 ℃ particle water resistance, internal surface water resistance, internal stress, circular beat and breaking force

    Today, the following contents about breaking force of glass ampoules are briefly introduced: After breaking the glass ampoule, the section should be flat, without sharp bulge, notch and crack longer than the shoulder

    In the experiment, the breaking force performance of the glass ampoule was tested with the glass ampoule breaking force tester

    Glass ampoule force tester test instrument: glass ampoule force tester model: zdy-01 measurement range: 0-300n (other ranges can be customized) measurement error: ± 0.5% measurement speed: 10 mm / min (1-500 mm / min stepless speed change) speed accuracy: ± 2% accuracy support distance: 36, 60mm machine size: 310mm × 400mm × 560mm weight: 26kg standard: gb2367, ybb00332002-2015 low borosilicate glass ampoule standard configuration: ampoule breaking force tester host, micro printer, breaking force fixture, breaking force test stand (one set of 1ml, 2ml, 5ml, 7ml, 10ml, 20ml, 30ml optional), test software, communication cable The experimental device is shown in the figure: experimental steps: set a distance between the two metal supports so as to apply force between the two metal supports which are 90 ° to the central axis of the ampule under test

    Use the glass ampoule breaking force instrument to apply force until the ampoule breaks, and record the breaking force value

    Note: when the breaking force of the ampule is easy to be broken at the test point, the force application part in the device should be positioned in the middle of the score (the score is downward), otherwise the breaking force will increase

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