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    Mei Tuss uses wood color to create a home forest atmosphere

    • Last Update: 2021-02-28
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    : warm spring day, how can we integrate into nature, breathe freely? Let the green fill the room and use the wood to create a forest atmosphere. In this living space full of natural comfort, feel the comfort of spring time together.
    Me tuss with wood color to create a home forest atmosphere
    green and yellow tone of the restaurant, simple and elegant wood furniture to the dining atmosphere to add a fresh and natural, with their company, but also let our dining mood become more relaxed and pleasant.
    Mei Tuss with wood color to create a home forest atmosphere
    embrace spring at home
    want to let the home into spring, it is better to immediately change its dress, so that fresh green and natural wood in place, together feel the natural gas from the big forest.
    Mei Tuss with wood color to create a home forest atmosphere
    allow you a green spring
    green, has always been the endorsement of nature, its appearance can always make our mood become calm and calm down, or full of vibrant green, or exudes the smell of grass green, in these dark and criss-crossed green companionship, home like a beautiful landscape painting, so that the whole spring has become green.
    clever design combines a fabric sofa with a small wooden table. Spring afternoon, in this fresh corner, you can always calm down and slowly drink tea to read.
    Mei Tuss with wood color to create a home forest atmosphere
    to create a fresh wood home
    wood furniture because of its natural wood texture texture and gentle touch, always give a cordial impression. With the green match, but also the fresh and natural feeling of the perfect display.
    More importantly, to use environmentally friendly
    wood paint
    on wood furniture, because good quality wood paint can not only restore the wood color, but also make the environment to improve the overall, and truly achieve a fresh feeling close to nature.
    such as the United States Coats white bamboo charcoal series wood paint, not only can perfectly show the texture of the original wood, but also strong cover, yellowing performance is very superior. In addition, it is also the product of the latest technology, the use of the industry's original "white bamboo carbon clean taste technology", can effectively purify formaldehyde, toluene and other harmful substances, so that the home environment is both beautiful and safe.
    mei Tuss with wood color to create a home forest atmosphere
    how to match wood furniture at home?
    wood furniture needs to be unified with the color of the floor, wall, do not choose too large contrast furniture, otherwise it will make the space appear hierarchical chaos. The appearance of wood furniture and the overall style of unity, such as simple style of home, wood furniture also try to choose simple lines, with a sense of design style.
    In order to make wood furniture life longer, in the choice of wood paint should also consider more functionality, such as Dolezal bamboo charcoal fresh house full-effect wood paint, its paint film full, with wear-resistant rowing and other functions, can better protect wood furniture, and it is also an effective purification of harmful gases of environmental protection wood paint.
    When you look at the wall at will, you may be surprised by such a large wooden frame, but on closer inspection, only to find that it is actually painted with paint with a fake real frame, would you appreciate this unique idea even more?
    meet in the forest
    Whenever we are tired of the city's water malone and heavy pressure, always hope to go to the suburbs to break their hearts, in nature to get a complete psychological release. What a wonderful thing it would be to be able to be with nature every day. Perhaps this desire is still a little far away, but in our home, because of the creation of green space, with the integration of wood furniture, coupled with natural fun home hobbies and healthy and environmentally friendly quality of life, like the fresh atmosphere of the forest is not far from us.
    when the concept of environmental protection is always mentioned around, at home, we can also reflect their environmental protection propositions in many details. And when this environmental awareness is fully integrated into life, it also allows us to have a positive and healthy attitude every day.
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