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    METTLER TOLEDO pH meter SevenDirect wins 2022 ANTOP award

    • Last Update: 2022-05-24
    • Source: Internet
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    It's a good time to go out on a green trip to see the bamboo together, and the spring water and clear mountains are savage
    After the happy May Day holiday, the 2022 ANTOP Awards will be awarded one after another

    After voting by netizens and reviewing by experts, congratulations to METTLER TOLEDO's pH meter SevenDirect for officially winning the first ANTOP "Leader of Streamlining Innovation" award in 2022


    METTLER TOLEDO pH Meter SevenDirect


    Innovative built-in verification function to help accurate measurement results


    Excellent appearance (obvious status indicator, 7-inch touch screen), glove-friendly mode, calibration wizard function, integrated small i-help wizard, calibration reminder, making the operation easier


    About the ANTOP Awards

      Applications are open now, and we hope to find and record you who:

      You can be a unit or an individual, as long as you have various provable outstanding achievements in the analysis and testing industry and meet the following points, you can apply for this award:

    Your outstanding achievements are conducive to promoting the positive development of the analysis and testing industry;

    The results must have actual and verifiable proof materials;

    Be a registered member of Analysis and Test Encyclopedia


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      This issue of ANTOP Awards will continue to set up the "Most Popular Product of ANTOP 2022" award to recognize the award-winning products that have received the most attention from users in this issue, so stay tuned~

      Three main features of the ANTOP awards:

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    Break the dark box: 360°+ interactive display of candidate content allows applicants to express themselves more fully and accept more open scrutiny;

    Break authoritarian: Professional review + joint selection by industry netizens not only ensures professional fairness, but also mobilizes industry participation


      Since the opening of the ANTOP Awards in 2017, it has received warm responses from colleagues.
    After intense, professional and strict awards declaration, online review and expert review, major manufacturers finally ushered in their shining moment


      The ANTOP homepage area and exclusive channel have been officially opened.
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