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    Microbiological bacteria activation trick

    • Last Update: 2020-06-20
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    The activation of the species is to put the bacteria in the preservation state of the species preservation center into the appropriate medium for cultivation, step-by-step expansion of culture is to get pure and strong culture, that is, to obtain a vibrant, sufficient number of inoculated cultureBacterial fermentation generally needs 2-3 generations of rehabilitation process, because the conditions of preservation and culture conditions are not the same, so to activate, so that the bacteria gradually adapt to the culture environment to understand the situation of the activation of the bacteria need to understand the way and method of the bacteria preservationAt present, the commonly used methods of preservation of strains at home and abroad include: regular transplantation method, liquid paraffin method, sand pipe method, vacuum freeze-drying method, 80 degrees C refrigerator freezing method, liquid nitrogen ultra-low temperature freezing methodFor different ways of preservation activation is also different:1, regular transplant method of the strains recovery is simple, direct transfer can be ; 2, liquid paraffin method preserved bacteria in the resuscitation, pick a small number of bacteria transferred to the appropriate fresh medium, growth and reproduction, and then re-passed again ; 3, sand pipe method preservation bacteria in the resuscitation, in sterile conditions to open the sand pipe, take part of the sand grain on the appropriate bevel culture medium, grow bacteria backward and then transfer againOr take sand grains in a suitable liquid medium, multiply culture and then transfer the miter;4, vacuum freeze drying method to preserve the bacteria in the recovery of 70% alcohol cotton first wipe the upper part of the ampoule, the top of the ampoule tube heating, with ster ile cotton swab with cold water, in the top wipe a circle, the top cracks, with a sliding knife or tweezer neck light, tap the top of the cracked ampoule pipe, with sterile water or culture dixin5, -80 degrees C refrigerator freezing method to preserve the recovery of bacteria, remove the ampoule tube or plastic frozen tube from the refrigerator, should immediately place 38 degrees C-40 degrees C water bath in a rapid recovery and proper lying quicklyIt takes about 50 seconds to 100 seconds until the internal ice dissolvesOpen ampoule or plastic freezer storage tube, move the contents to the appropriate medium for culture 6, liquid nitrogen ultra-low temperature freezing method to preserve the bacteria recovery and -80 degrees C refrigerator freezing method to preserve the bacteria recovery is similar, from the liquid nitrogen tank to remove the ampoule tube or plastic frozen tube, should be placed in the 38 c-40 degrees C water bath quickly resuscitation and shake appropriateUntil the internal ice dissolves, it usually takes about 50 seconds to 100 secondsOpen the ampoule or plastic freezer and move the contents to the appropriate medium for culturesummarize the following steps to activate the species:the first configuration of the seed suitable for growth of the medium ;the second to restore the bacteria from the preservation state to the room temperature state, such as thawing the frozen bacteria ; the thirdwill be operated to inoculate the preserved bacteria into the medium culture, this step is called the bacteria rehabilitation ;the fourth step to select the medium to thrive, select some of them to inoculate into the new medium culture, repeat this step 2-3 times, so as to get a well-growing colony after these four steps to reach the purpose of activating the strains from the preservation state
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