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    "Microbiome Big Data Search Engine" selected as "Top 10 Advances in Chinese Pharmaceutical Biotechnology in 2016"

    • Last Update: 2020-09-08
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    Biotechnology Channel News: At present, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Qingdao Institute of Bioeneene and Process Research developed the "microbiome big data search engine" (MicrobiomeSearch Engine); MSE) was selected as one of the top ten advances in Chinese pharmaceutical biotechnology in 2016.
    microbiomes (also known as "bactericides") are innate in the human body and are closely related to human health.
    this, the search and mining of "big data" for large microbiomes can help to understand the relationship between microbiomes and diseases or ecological disasters, thus serving the precise health, care and nutrition of ecosystems.
    MSE first established an ultra-high-speed ratio algorithm and digital indexing mechanism for metadata genomic data, and automatically established a diagnosis and prediction model of microbiome-based diseases and ecological disasters by means of machine learning, so as to calculate the Microbiome Diagnostic and Early Warning Index to determine the status and risk of the microbiome for specific diseases.
    , Qingdao Bioener energy through international scientific and technological cooperation, with MSE in the world to establish the first oral health risk assessment system based on human symbic clusters.
    , through the national and international oral bacteria large data analysis, the system to investigate the ethnic, age, geography, living habits and other factors on the impact of this health risk assessment system.
    MSE is supporting nearly 10 of the world's top 500 companies and national key laboratories for accurate diagnosis, individualized care and ecological restoration of ecosystems such as the gut, mouth, skin, oceans and soil through the Bio-High Volume Detection and Analysis project.
    MSE is becoming an enabling tool for "microbiome data science" to serve the global thinking and systematic mining of known microbiome data space by domestic and foreign counterparts.
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