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    Microflow control paper chip technology breaks through the problem of tea quality and safety factor speed measurement

    • Last Update: 2020-11-04
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    Original title: Microflow control paper chip technology breakthrough tea quality safety factor rapid measurement problem
    Recently, the Tea Quality and Risk Assessment Innovation Team of the Tea Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences made new progress in the rapid detection technology of tea quality safety factor, successfully developed a tea polyphenol content rapid detection technology, can be measured in 10 minutes in the sample of tea polyphenol content.
    the tea polyphenol content of the rapid detection effect. Left: This method is in good agreement with the data results of traditional testing methods, right: the new method can be detected at any time (the detection time has no significant effect on the results)
    Tea polyphenols are the main components that determine the taste of tea and health benefits. The determination of traditional tea polyphenol content is based on the color-showing reaction of forinol, but because the reaction between forinol reagents and tea polyphenols itself is very slow and takes about 2 hours to reach a stable state, the traditional tea polyphenol content detection method has complex operation, time-consuming, high reagent consumption and high cost defects. Microflow control paper chip technology has the special function of high-volume fluid flow control, which can realize the precise control of parallel reaction, combined with dynamic matching method, and can be accurately determined in 10 minutes. Compared with the traditional method, this method has the advantages of saving reagents and simple device, and has good application prospects in real-time monitoring of tea production and consumer self-testing.
    In addition, the team has established on-line volatile concentration-microflow control paper chip pesticide residue rapid measurement technology based on organic solvents, the recovery rate of pesticide residue rapid measurement method from the original (29.7±6.6) % to (87.4±2.8), to solve the long-standing constraints on pesticide residue rapid detection sensitivity and accuracy, significantly improve the performance of the method in the actual sample rapid detection. The findings are published in SCI journals such as Analica Chimica Acta and Food Chemistry.
    Microflow Control Paper Chip Rapid Determination of Tea Polyphenol Content Flow Map in Tea
    The study was supported by the Science and Technology Innovation Project of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Natural Science Foundation of Zhejiang Province and the Modern Agricultural Industry Technology System Project.
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