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    Millions of painters have their own organization! Painters Care Association is established!

    • Last Update: 2021-03-29
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      On September 17, the second 917 Lacquer Health Day and the inauguration ceremony of the Lacquer Care Association was held in Jinan, Shandong.
    The first person to care for painters / the founder of the house of water paint masters, Ma Lin, the manager of Chenyang Water Paint Shandong Region, Yang Wanfeng, the manager of Luxi Province, Li Shuzhen, the general manager of Jinan Operation Center, Tang Bo, and more than 300 invited painters from all over the country.
    Gather in "Spring City" to attend the grand event.
      917 China Lacquer Health Day was held in Jinan, Shandong  The purpose of this conference is to make more people pay attention to painters, the health of painters, and the positive effects of water paint products in home decoration.
    The "House of Water Paint Master", a platform dedicated to lacquer workers, will actively participate in the creation and dissemination activities of the lacquerers' own festival, the "Lacquer Health Day".
      917 Lacquer Health Day activity site  According to relevant statistics, as of 2018, the number of paint workers in China has reached more than 2 million.
    However, this huge group has always stayed out of the mainstream.
    Their working environment has not been improved accordingly, and their physical and mental health has not been paid enough attention.
    In this context, taking the opportunity of "917 China Lacquer Health Day", and under the advocacy of China's water-based paint industry strategic alliance, the platform of "Water Paint Master's House" will lead the cooperation with Chenyang Water Paint to establish the "Lacquer Health Care Association" "At this point, the majority of painters have their own organization.
      Address by Ma Lin, the   first person to care for painters/the founder of "House of Water Paint Masters" Ma Lin, the first person to care for painters/founder of "House of Water Painters", pointed out that with the increasing reform of China's domestic decoration industry, the country is also taking a step Solve the troubles of painters step by step.
    In support of environmental protection policies, China's
    paint industry, paint industry is undergoing a phase out of the paint "oil to water" change.
    Compared with paints that require a large amount of volatile organic solvents, water-based paints that use water as a thinner volatilize water into the air, which is not only healthier, but also more environmentally friendly.
    Organizing the Lacquer Health Day and the inauguration ceremony of the "Lacquer Health Care Association" is to give full play to the functions of the association, build a sharing platform, and strive to make more people pay attention to the health of painters and green decoration.
      Speech by Tang Bo, General Manager of Chenyang Water Paint Jinan Operation Center  Tang Bo, general manager of Chenyang Water Paint Jinan Operation Center, said that water paint uses water as a thinner.
    It is an upgraded product of traditional paint.
    It is environmentally friendly, low-carbon and healthy.
    Each kilogram of water paint can reduce 0.
    8 kg of VOCs emissions.
    Lacquer is a protective cover to protect the physical and mental health of millions of painters.
    Painting water paint in the beautiful spring city is to protect the spring water and the ecological environment of the spring city.
    What we do is not only a job, but also a charity that benefits the country and the people.
    Brush water paint, call the blue sky, Jinan is in action, and the painter is in action.
      Lacquer Health Care Association Launching Ceremony  Amidst flowers and applause, the organizer of the event awarded the "Environmental Protection Contribution Award" to the representatives of the painters who have made outstanding contributions in the fields of healthy home improvement and healthy engineering.
    The “Health Care for Lacquer Workers” was jointly launched by Ma Lin, the founder of the first person to care for painters/House of Water Paint Masters, Yang Wanfeng, Manager of Chenyang Water Paint Shandong Region, Li Shuzhen, Manager of Luxi Province, Tang Bo, General Manager of Jinan Operation Center, and painters The inauguration ceremony of the association brought the activity to a climax.
    "Lacquer Health Care Association" is the first domestic association that cares about the health of painters.
    The vast number of painters changed their marginal roles and stepped onto the stage as the protagonist.
    Experts from various fields participating in the conference spoke freely, stood on the alliance front of the painter group for the first time, and actively offered advice and suggestions for their career development and physical and mental health.
      "Environmental Protection Contribution Award" is awarded to outstanding painter representatives.
      With the tightening of national environmental protection policies and the increasing demand of consumers for environmental protection and green material selection, water paint is appearing in front of people as environmentally friendly and non-toxic green products.
    It is not only the gospel of millions of painters, but also the hero of building an environmentally friendly home environment and creating a green and livable ecological environment for mankind.
    The painters at the meeting said that water paint using water as a thinner will become the first choice for future construction, not only responsible for their own health, but also responsible for the owner, and with their own strength, contribute to the protection of the social ecological environment.
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