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    Minimally invasive in minimally invasive!

    • Last Update: 2022-09-07
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    Colorectal cancer is the third most common malignant tumor in the world

    Compared with other tumors, colorectal cancer has a better prognosis, and it is a tumor that is easy to be detected and cured at an early stage

    Diagnosed with colon cancer

    "Minimally Invasive" in Minimally Invasive Surgery

    Last month, Ms.

    I didn’t know if I didn’t check, but she was shocked when she checked.

    Yang Shibin, deputy chief physician, introduced that the current surgical methods for colorectal cancer are mainly laparoscopic surgery

    In conventional laparoscopic surgery, 5 Trocar holes (1 12mm operation hole, 1 10mm observation hole and 3 5mm operation holes) should be made in the abdomen, and a 5cm incision should be made in the lower abdomen to take out the tumor specimen

    Figure 1 Surgical incision of conventional laparoscopic radical sigmoidectomy

    In the operation performed by Deputy Chief Physician Yang Shibin, only 3 Trocar holes were punched in the abdomen of the patient for the operation.

    The procedure took 2.

    "I was worried that there would be a big scar on my stomach after the operation, but I didn't expect the opening to be so small, just like the belly button, and it didn't even affect me wearing a navel and swimsuit in summer.

    Figure 2 The patient's wound recovered well after surgery

    Efficient, safe and beautiful surgery

    Experts remind that early diagnosis and early treatment are the prerequisites

    Compared with traditional laparoscopic surgery, the minimally invasive technique of porosity reduction laparoscopic surgery is more minimally invasive, safer and more aesthetically pleasing, and greatly reduces the postoperative pain of patients

    Although the current medical level is becoming more and more advanced, good treatment results can be achieved through very small wounds, and even aesthetics can be taken into account, but the premise is early diagnosis and early treatment

    Early colorectal cancer is almost imperceptible.

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