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    Ministry of Foreign Affairs: China is providing vaccine assistance to 80 countries and 3 international organizations

    • Last Update: 2021-04-13
    • Source: Internet
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    On March 30, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying presided over a regular press conference.
    According to reports, WHO Director-General Tan Desai said on the 29th that the gap between the number of new crown vaccines controlled by rich countries and the number of vaccines obtained by poor countries through the COVAX mechanism is widening every day.
    There are still 36 countries that have not yet received any vaccines.
    Unfair vaccine distribution is not only unethical, but also destructive to the economy.

    In this regard, Hua Chunying said that everyone is very concerned about the issue of vaccine distribution.
    According to relevant statistics, wealthy countries, which now account for 16% of the world’s population, own 60% of the world’s vaccines, and several rich developed countries have ordered them.
    The number of vaccines is 2 to 3 times that of the population of our own country, and poor developing countries are now unable or have no channels to obtain vaccines from the West.

    Hua Chunying pointed out that vaccines are a weapon against the virus and the hope of saving lives.
    It should serve the world and benefit all mankind.
    China is the first to commit to making vaccines as a global public product, and strive to improve the availability and affordability of vaccines in developing countries.
    China has joined the WHO's new crown vaccine implementation plan and has made a clear commitment to provide the first batch of 10 million doses of vaccine for the urgent needs of developing countries.

    Hua Chunying introduced that China is currently providing vaccine assistance to 80 countries and 3 international organizations, and at the same time exporting vaccines to more than 40 countries, developing vaccine research and development and production cooperation with more than 10 countries, and responding to the UN's call for peacekeeping operations in various countries.
    People donate vaccines, and we are also willing to cooperate with the International Olympic Committee to provide vaccines to athletes preparing to participate in the Olympic Games.
    It is hoped that these sincere efforts of China can provide more confidence and hope for the world to unite and cooperate in the fight against the epidemic.
    At present, there are many vaccines on the market around the world.
    We oppose "vaccine nationalism
    " and unethical and irresponsible behaviors that create "
    immune gap".
    We also call on all capable countries to do their best to provide assistance to countries in need, especially It is developing countries that provide vaccines so that people in all countries can afford to use them.
    (CCTV reporter Wu Wenqian Kong Luyuan)


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