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    Miss pushing fresh and fragrant meat buns to lead the brand of breakfast categories

    • Last Update: 2022-09-30
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    Since the birth of quick-frozen food, two super big items
    have been bred, Tangyuan and Dumplings.

    Now, there seems to be an answer

    Accurately understanding the market demand, recently, Miss Food launched a series of new products of fresh and fragrant meat buns, competing for the breakfast track

    Text/Lu Cuiping

    Thinking of the delicious meat bun attracts market attention

    Under the epidemic, dine-in is prohibited in many places, and data show that the proportion of breakfast at home has increased significantly in the past two years, reaching 62%.

    Contrary to the huge market potential, the big bun industry is still in the era of
    competing for deer.

    According to Frozen Weekly, there are many enterprises in the industry that produce large buns, most of which are local small and medium-sized brands, and most of them are only sold in catering channels, so from a national point of view, large buns do not have the first brand in the C-end market, and are in the era of
    "no brand with categories".

    As a leading enterprise in the frozen food industry, the launch of fresh and fragrant meat buns will undoubtedly have a profound impact on
    the development trend of the big bun industry.

    it is.

    First of all, the category is differentiated, and it is easier to
    shop the goods.

    Second, brand endorsement, consumer trust

    Third, the product repurchase rate is very high

    Sinian Food is changing the industry pattern
    of quick-frozen large buns with its own brand influence, channel strength and product strength.

    Carefully polished products, leading the big bun branding

    The hot selling of the delicious meat bun stems from its meticulous craftsmanship
    of the product.


    The single price of the fresh and fragrant meat bun is 2 yuan, which is lower than the breakfast shop, which is endorsed by the brand of miss food, and meets the psychological expectations of consumers, creating a super cost-effective and outstanding


    The fresh and fragrant meat bun has two flavors:
    pork and beef.
    "Pork and beef are two flavors, whether in the south or the north, have a wide consumer base, are the classic taste of buns, no longer need to carry out consumer education, launch can be hot
    " Miss the head of food said

    The dough is soft and the filling is fragrant

    I miss the selection of multi-brand wheat flour compound, so that the dough is elastic but not solid, soft and not sticky
    The filling is even more exquisite, the beef bag selects fat and lean beef brisket, with the characteristic wide noodles, the mouth is delicious; The pork packet is a selection of high-quality pork, seasoned with ingenuity, fresh and juicy

    Exquisite shape, impeccable

    Thinking of the fresh and fragrant meat buns, the latest bun machine, each bun has 24 pleats, the appearance is very exquisite, can better arouse the attention of consumers and the desire to

    The launch of fresh meat buns by Sinian Food has aroused widespread concern
    Industry insiders said that in the past two years, under the influence of the epidemic, there has been a trend
    of returning to basic consumption.
    Miss the food of fresh meat bun for breakfast just need market, undoubtedly in line with this trend, as a new product, can effectively stimulate the market, pull consumption, leading the big bun industry into the era of


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