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    Moon child rehabilitation center group of English to meet a new era of health industry.

    • Last Update: 2020-08-04
    • Source: Internet
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    ----- 2020 Shanghai 4th World Bird's Nest and Natural Tonic Expo will soon be grand lyopening pregnant infants and children as a special group of social needs to protect, food, supplies, education and other industries have special requirements and standards, especially related to the health of products.
    therefore, the upcoming shanghai 4th World Bird's Nest and Tonics Exhibition is very necessary, will attract a large number of nursery groups to attend and purchase.
    held time specially selected on the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival on August 26th, for the exhibition to give a strong sense of harmony.
    we all know, the current bird's nest manufacturers are mostly favored moon club, to participate in this exhibition as many as 400 exhibitors, the scene for the moon son rehabilitation center products have more than 200 kinds, more than four characteristics of the special exhibition area wonderful presentation.
    therefore attracted a lot of attention from the Moon Son Rehabilitation Center, here's what they think of the exhibition? Q: What do you think is the significance of this exhibition? A: The 4th World Bird's Nest and Tonics Exhibition has given you a good platform for communication, which will let you know about the development of China's health products in recent years, the trend of future health products, as well as the challenges facing the forward-looking, how to deal with the layout.
    : The 2020 outbreak has had a profound impact on domestic and foreign economic and social, but also to a great extent to raise people's awareness of the importance of health, especially for child-rearing, please introduce the market demand for bird's nest in recent years.
    : According to statistics, the world's total annual production of bird's nest is about 2000t, at least more than 80% of pregnant women in Singapore are consuming bird's nest.
    and China has become a consumer of bird's nest, in Hong Kong alone, the total amount of bird's nest consumption is about 200t a year, and in Taiwan, the people spend the year on the bird's nest on the cost of nearly 2 billion Taiwan dollars.
    this year's outbreak has promoted a new round of outbreaks in the natural tonic market, including bird's nest, more and more people are entering the tonic market ranks, bird's nest has become micro-commerce, live-streaming with goods and other areas of popular products, so the exhibition organizers set up a special micro-electric business live with the special exhibition area of the platform.
    ask: Since our country fully liberalized the two-child policy, the bird's nest market has also been on fire, the various businesses have also increased the strength of the purchase, the efficacy of bird's nest has attracted much attention, so I would like to ask you to introduce the bird's nest on pregnant women have any positive impact.
    : Bird's nest can provide and supplement the nutrients needed during pregnancy and childbirth to make up for the lack of nutrition caused by less eating due to vomiting.
    only 4-5g per day, which is equivalent to the usual three meals.
    in addition, for the elderly, major illness or postoperative is also very good tonic.
    ask: So what is the effect of bird's nest on the fetus? Can you give me a closer look? A: Bird's nest has a bioactive element of up to 10%, the key component of the organ must be "bird's nest acid".
    it is the right element for fetal brain growth and immune development, which can promote the speed of intracranial nerve cells and enhance memory.
    : Please look forward to your expectations of the exhibition.
    : This exhibition will invite the first-line tonic manufacturers to carry out extensive discussion and exchange, focusing on the display of bird's nest nourishing new products, so that the vast number of consumers and agents can face-to-face docking products, when buyers no longer have to find the ideal agent products and anxious.
    brief interview is over, let's look forward to this tonic industry event, look forward to meeting with friends in the biotechnology industry, they bring new technologies, new products, new ideas.
    Source: Faith Exhibition.
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