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    More than 1,700 boxes of illegal paint were seized in Zhejiang, involving more than 10 paint brands

    • Last Update: 2021-07-23
    • Source: Internet
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    Global Coatings Network News:

    Global Coatings Network News:

    There are more than 1,700 boxes of paint hidden in a wooden warehouse without safety equipment.
    Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Keqiao District Bureau of the Municipal Public Security Bureau that Keqiao police recently seized a black den of illegally storing and selling paint, and the suspect Jiang was taken criminal compulsory measures in accordance with the law on suspicion of illegal business operations.

    It is understood that in order to rectify hidden safety hazards, the Keqiao police have intensified their investigation and punishment of illegally operating paints and other flammable materials in the district in the past few days.
    In the early days of daily inspections, the police from the Public Security Brigade of the Keqiao District Bureau found that the source of paint sold by many paint shops in the city was problematic.
    After investigation, these paints all came from a black den in Lanting Town.
    The operator Jiang Mou did not obtain a license for operating hazardous chemicals issued by the safety supervision department and was suspected of operating illegally.

    According to clues, after many days of visits, the police finally found the den in Jinzhuang Village, Lanting Town.
    This is a wooden warehouse without safety equipment.
    Open the warehouse door, the paint filled with it is really cold and sweaty.
    After a day’s inventory, the police found a total of 1,749 boxes of paint illegally stored in the warehouse, involving more than 10 brands.

    Subsequently, the police waited at the warehouse near the warehouse.
    On the morning of July 7, Jiang was arrested on the spot.
    After interrogation, Jiang admitted that he was not qualified to sell paint.
    He confessed that because of a fluke mentality, in February this year, he deliberately rented a relatively remote warehouse in Jinzhuang Village, Lanting Town, to store paint, but he did not expect to be found.

    It is understood that paint is a flammable material, and once an explosion occurs, the consequences will be disastrous.
    Therefore, the storage and sale of paint must pass the strict examination and approval of the safety supervision department, and can only operate after obtaining the permit for the operation of hazardous chemicals.
    In the next step, the police will continue to strengthen supervision and crackdowns.
    Units that violate the regulations will be severely punished in accordance with relevant regulations.
    If a crime is constituted, criminal responsibility will be investigated in accordance with the law.
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