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    More than 8000 hospitals have registered on the national drug use monitoring platform

    • Last Update: 2019-12-11
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    ▍ 8840 hospitals and statistical information center of the national health and Health Commission for monitoring drug use today announced that the national drug use monitoring platform has been put into operation At present, 8840 medical and health institutions have completed system login, with an average daily visit of 600000 people It is reported that the reason why the "national drug use monitoring platform" was launched is to accurately grasp the use of drugs in all levels of public medical and health institutions and promote the priority use of essential drugs On January 7, 2019, the national health and Health Commission issued the notice on Further Strengthening the allocation and use management of essential drugs in public medical institutions The above notice requires a solid promotion of drug use monitoring - focusing on essential drugs, etc., and collecting information such as equipment type, quantity used, purchase price, supply and distribution as required In the next step, data analysis and utilization will be strengthened to provide evidence-based basis for policy-making of drug supply guarantee, rational use, medical insurance payment, etc ▍ the monitoring scope will be expanded on April 3, 2019 The Department of drug policy and basic drug system of the national health and Health Commission issued the notice of the national health and Health Commission on the implementation of drug use monitoring and clinical comprehensive evaluation The notice shall be clear and focus on monitoring At least 1500 public health institutions at all levels in the country shall be selected On the basis of comprehensive monitoring, specific data related to drug use, disease prevention and follow-up shall be focused on monitoring We will focus on the special work of reducing the price of national essential drugs and anticancer drugs and the pilot varieties of centralized drug procurement organized by the state, and carry out drug use monitoring in accordance with the requirements In addition, the notice also proposed that in 2020, the monitoring scope will basically cover public medical institutions at or above the second level, and extend to grass-roots medical and health institutions, gradually realizing the monitoring of all equipped and used drugs We will encourage social medical institutions and retail pharmacies to voluntarily participate in drug use monitoring According to the latest news, more than 10000 medical and health institutions in all three levels, half two levels and some grassroots levels across the country will submit the drug directory, key monitoring rational drug directory, drug in and out, use data and other information of the institution through the "national drug use monitoring platform" ▍ through monitoring, optimize hospital medication according to the 2018 statistical bulletin of China's health development, which was inquired by Cyprian blue, there are 2548 tertiary hospitals in China (including 1442 tertiary first-class hospitals), 9017 secondary hospitals, 10831 primary hospitals and 10613 non classified hospitals There are 943639 primary medical and health institutions (source: statistical bulletin of China's health and health development in 2018) according to the national health and Health Commission, "national drug use monitoring platform" will provide data support for health and drug administration departments at all levels to carry out monitoring and analysis of drug allocation and use, and lay a solid foundation for comprehensive drug use monitoring in the future According to the notice issued by the national health and Health Commission on April 3, the drug monitoring data can continuously optimize the drug use structure of medical institutions, improve the level of safe and rational drug use, put forward the drug price policy and the policy of encouraging and supporting drug production in the national essential drug catalog, promote the efficiency of health resource allocation, control the unreasonable drug cost, and put forward the improvement of drug dosage forms and regulations Suggestions on the rationalization of packaging, guide enterprises to develop and produce drugs suitable for clinical needs It's not hard to see that the state's monitoring of drug use in nearly 10000 medical institutions is just the beginning The next step is to clean the data obtained from the monitoring, and find out problems such as unreasonable use of drugs, drug price differences, drug safety, etc in response to these problems, the relevant departments of the state or the introduction of more targeted policies for management, which is the key point for drug enterprises Note.
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