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    MsD anti-infection new drug of "Pharmaceutical Express" has been approved clinically in China for listing trilaciclib

    • Last Update: 2021-01-19
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    November 18, 2020 / Medical Information List: Mercadon anti-infection new drugs declared on the market in China; Roche reached a 260 million euro research and development cooperation; No. nor Nord announced the main results of phase 3b clinical trials of Somalutide; Synractic Pharmaceuticals Trilaciclib was approved clinically; ... Daily fresh medicine news, speed reading society and you pay attention to! Part 1 policy brief from the 16th paper licensing pharmacist registration certificate has become history recently, the Beijing Municipal Drug Administration issued a notice that from November 16, Beijing practicing pharmacists registration to implement electronic licensing management, and in principle no longer issue paper registration certificate.
    (Beijing Drug Administration) medical waste special rectification began recently, the Inner Mongolia Health and Health Commission issued the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region medical institutions waste comprehensive management implementation plan (draft for comments), requiring all league cities to organize by the end of 2020 to carry out special medical institutions waste remediation action.
    (Inner Mongolia Health And Wellness Commission) Gansu: 9 exclusive varieties to apply for withdrawal of the network on the evening of November 16, Gansu Provincial Public Resources Trading Bureau issued "on the application for the withdrawal of waste drugs to cancel the qualification of the winning bid hanging network related matters notice (36th batch)" pointed out Recently, 215 pharmaceutical products of 81 enterprises submitted applications for scrapping due to production line transformation, rising costs, shortage of raw materials, discontinuation and other reasons, unable to guarantee the normal supply of medical institutions in Gansu Province, of which 9 exclusive varieties (10 product regulations) applied for abolition.
    (Gansu Provincial Public Resources Trading Bureau) FDA statement is committed to maintaining transparency in the emergency use of new crown vaccines Today, FDA Director Dr. Stephen M. Hahn announced that the FDA is committed to maintaining transparency in the EUA review process related to COVID-19 and is committed to publicly disclosing scientific data and other review information used to authorize, revise, or revoke the drug EUA.
    (FDA) Part 2 has reached a 260 million euro research and development partnership with Watch Roche today, and Lead Pharma announced that it has reached a partnership and licensing agreement with Roche to develop oral small molecule drugs for the treatment of a wide range of immuno-mediated diseases.
    will work together on preclinical research activities until a preclinical candidate is selected, and Roche will be responsible for further development and global commercialization.
    (Pharma Mingkangde) 13.1 billion U.S. dollars in cash acquisition of MyoKardia November 17, Shishi Shiguibao announced that it has completed the $13.1 billion all-cash acquisition of MyoKardia, Inc.
    acquisition, MyoKardia's shares ceased trading on NASDAQ's Global Select Market and became a wholly owned subsidiary of BMS.
    (Sina Pharmaceutical News) Nereid announced the establishment and completion of $50 million round of A-round financing Today, Nereid company announced the establishment and completed the completion of $50 million round of A-round financing.
    Nereid incubates at ATP and is dedicated to the development of innovative drugs for biometric shrinks.
    Neneid is a well-known scientist in the field of biometric shrinks, professor Cliff Brangwynne of Princeton University.
    and Huang Pharma announced a $100 million equity investment from Canada Pension Fund Investment Corporation on November 17, and Huang Pharmaceuticals announced a final agreement with Canada Pension Fund Investment Corporation to sell $100 million of new shares to Canadian Pension Fund Investment Corporation through a targeted offering price equivalent to $30 per American Depositor share.
    (A.T.) Deji Pharmaceuticals completed $200 million in financing on November 17, Deji Pharmaceuticals announced that the company completed a $200 million round of A financing.
    investors in the current round of financing include Boyu Capital, Latitude China, Sequoia China, Temasek and Pharmaceutical Mingkang venture capital funds.
    fund-raising will be used to support Deji Pharmaceuticals in developing its portfolio of product pipelines for cancer and immunological diseases.
    Medical Health Co., Ltd. was formally established on November 16, 2020 with the successful merger of Mylan and Pfizer's business unit Pfizer.
    portfolio includes more than 1400 approved compounds and biological products.
    (THE Associated Press) Part 3 drug information Mercadon anti-infective new drugs declared on the market in China today, CDE latest publicity, Mercadon antiviral drug letermovir submitted four new drug listing applications and received, including injections and tablets two dosage forms.
    the drug, which was approved by the FDA in November 2017, is the first new drug approved in the United States in 15 years to treat CMV infection and prevent cytovirus infections and related diseases.
    (Pharmaceutical Mission) No. and Nord announced the main results of the Phase 3b clinical trial of Somaglutide on November 17, No. Nord announced the main results of the SUSTAIN FORTE trial, compared to receiving a weekly treatment of 1.0mg Somalutide, 2.0mg Somalutide can significantly reduce the glycoglobin, reaching the main end of the trial.
    (Xinhua) -- Cabotegravir was eligible for breakthrough therapy On November 17, ViiV Healthcare announced that the FDA has awarded its long-acting integrated enzyme inhibitor Cabotegravir breakthrough therapy for HIV pre-exposure prevention, the results of which were presented at the 23rd International AIDS Congress in July.
    (Pharmaceutical Rubik's Cube) INOVIO announced today that it is continuing phase 2/3 phase 2 of the new crown vaccine trial, and INOVIO announced that it has obtained FDA approval to proceed with phase 2/3 of the planned phase 2/3 clinical trial of the new crown pneumonia vaccine INO-4800.
    (Xinhua) -- Samsung Bioepis Biosynthesis Drug SB11 Phase 3 clinically reached its main endpoint recently, Samsung Bioepis for the first time announced the biosynthesis drug SB11 treatment of new blood vessel age-related macular degeneration Phase 3 results.
    based on 52 weeks of data, SB11 is equivalent to the reference drug Reniju single resistance in terms of drug ability and pharmacogenetics, and that safety and immunogenicity are comparable to reference drugs.
    (Sina Medical News) for the Reilly Pearl single anti-treatment NSCLC III study mid-term analysis reached the main endpoint of OS November 17, Baiji Shenzhou announced in its evaluation of the reilly pearl single anti-dossin race against In a pre-planned mid-term analysis of THEALE 303 clinical trials in patients with second- or third-line local late stage or metastasis NSCLC who showed disease progress after receiving platinum chemotherapy, the primary endpoint of total survival was achieved in patients intended to be treated.
    (Pharmaceutical Rubik's Cube) First Sound Pharmaceuticals$ 170 million introduction of CDK 4/6 inhibitor clinical applications were accepted today, CDE's latest public announcement, by Syngenta Pharmaceuticals and G1 Therapeutics jointly declared a class 1 new drug injection trilaciclib clinical trial applications were accepted.
    is a "first-in-class" CDK 4/6 inhibitor that has been awarded FDA priority review eligibility and breakthrough therapy.
    August, Synth Pharmaceuticals acquired a development and commercial interest in all adaptations in Greater China by introducing the product from G1 Therapeutics for up to $170 million.
    (Pharmaceutical Mission) Lu anti-pharmaceutical subsidiary was approved by the hydrochloric acid bromoso injection drug registration certificate today, Lu anti-pharmaceutical issued a notice that the holding subsidiary Shandong Lu anti-pharmaceutical group Essett Co., Ltd. received the State Drug Administration issued the hydrochloride bromoso injection "drug registration certificate."
    (Sina Pharmaceutical News) Zee-Pharma Obeid magnesium tablets approved by the drug clinical trials today, Zee-Bio announced that the company's Obeid magnesium bile acid tablets for the treatment of primary bileitis and non-alcoholic fatty hepatitis I/II, Phase III clinical trials approved by NMPA.
    (Sina Pharmaceutical News) Runxin Bio 3rd generation EGFR-TKI new drug key registration phase 3 clinical completion of the first patient to today, Runxin Bio announced that it is studying the third generation EGFR-TKI new drug RX518 for the first-line treatment of non-small cell lung cancer Phase 3 clinical study recently completed the first patient administration in Shanghai Chest Hospital, the trial is designed to evaluate its effectiveness and safety.
    (Pharmaceutical Mission) British Pharmaceuticals Wee1 inhibitors were approved for clinical trials in the United States Today, British Pharmaceuticals announced that the company's self-developed Wee1 inhibitor IMP7068 was approved by the FDA Clinical Trials on October 29, 2020 local time in the United States, is about to launch its first clinical trial.
    (Pharmaceutical Mission) First Sound Pharmaceuticals SIM1803-1A started clinical today, Insight database shows that Sonic Pharmaceuticals 1 new drug SIM1803-1A tablets start clinical.
    the drug was approved clinically on 21 August.
    (Insight Database) Nanjing St. and Class 1 new drugs and Lebwes declared for listing on November 17, Nanjing San and submitted a class 1 new drug and Lebwe tablets listed application was accepted by CDE for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C.
    the drug is the first NS5B inhibitor designed and developed by Sanhe Pharmaceuticals.
    (Pharmaceutical Rubik's Cube) Jiangsu Kangyuan Pharmaceuticals 1.1 class of new drug silver warp hot tablets declared for listing recently, CDE official website shows that Jiangsu Kangyuan Pharmaceuticals to the new drug 1.1 category of silver warp hot tablets submitted by the listing application was accepted by the CDE contractor, the acceptance number is CXZS2000005, becoming the first to declare the listing of new drugs in the respiratory system this year.
    (Minenet) Sichuan Colum Pharmaceuticals fat lactate amino acid (17) glucose (11%) injection first review recently, Colum Pharmaceuticals fat lactose amino acid (17) glucose (11%) injection through consistent evaluation, the first in the country.
    The drug is an "all-in-one" intestinal nutrition three-cavity bag products, mainly used for incomplete function or can not be ingested through the mouth / intestine nutrition of adult patients nutritional supplements, in 2019 China's public medical institutions terminal sales of more than 2 billion yuan.
    (Mitienet) NEJM published the results of the Clinical Study of Phase II.Evinacumab II on November 15, NEJM published a multi-center, double-blind, placebo-controlled Phase II clinical study.
    results showed that evinacumab reduced LDL cholesterol by 50 percent in patients with resophedic hypercholesterolemia.
    (Biological Exploration)
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