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    MSD will cut 500 jobs in the United States after new year's Day!

    • Last Update: 2019-10-22
    • Source: Internet
    • Author: User
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    Like many large pharmaceutical companies, MSD is trying to focus more on innovative drugs

    But as part of the company's strategy and ongoing transformation, MSD is moving to eliminate 500 jobs across the United States

    By the end of 2018, MSD had 69000 employees worldwide, including 25400 in the United States

    The global headquarters of MSD is located in New Jersey and the U.S

    headquarters is located in upper Gwynedd, Pennsylvania

    According to foreign media fierce Pharma, the company issued a layoff warning notice in Pennsylvania on Thursday (October 17), which is mostly an administrative position

    It is reported that MSD USA will lay off staff from January 3, 2020, and the positions to be eliminated will mainly focus on the sales and headquarters business team

    "Some of the affected employees can apply for positions in other departments of the company, and the employees who are ultimately dismissed will receive" full termination package, "said Pamela Eisele, a spokeswoman for MSD Eisele pointed out that "although there are layoffs, MSD will increase new jobs in the United States in growth areas such as oncology based on changes in business

    The move is part of a company wide effort to increase Mr

    MSD's focus on innovation

    To meet major unmet medical needs, as well as research and development that can provide us with the best opportunities for growth

    " According to a report released by evaluatepharma in June this year, MSD will rank third in the global R & D expenditure ranking of pharmaceutical enterprises in 2024 with an investment of 9.2 billion US dollars

    In the whole industry, many pharmaceutical companies have turned their attention to special drugs and biological agents

    Because the drugs are prescribed by experts rather than primary care doctors, there is less demand for sales representatives

    At the same time, the sales of these drugs have been booming

    As this trend continues, there will be a trend of global layoffs in large pharmaceutical companies in recent years

    In 2017, MSD eliminated about 1800 jobs in three sales teams and established a new chronic medical sales team

    The new team focuses on januvia, a diabetes blockbuster, and other basic care drugs, such as insomniac product belsomra, respiratory system and women's health care product, which shows that MSD is very concerned about its chronic disease and other products

    But by 2019, judging from the current global market situation of diabetes and other fields, it is an indisputable fact that pharmaceutical enterprises are struggling because of continuous competition and price pressure

    Therefore, MSD has formulated a strategy to put more resources in oncology and other innovation fields, and is accelerating its development

    In 2018, keysruda, mosadon's most important star cancer drug, brought us $7.2 billion in sales, and it will continue to grow

    Some analysts have begun to match keytruda's position as the best-selling drug for Aberdeen Humira, with sales expected to reach $10 billion by the end of this year

    Evaluatepharma predicts that keytruda will become the industry's top drug in 2024, with annual sales of $17 billion

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